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Rightfully Ours

Tier 1 Order PvE Quest
Zone Ekrund
Subzone Durak's Mine
Start Gordsson
End Grimy Gold

Quest Chain

Vel Thronrinson


  • Rightfully Ours II

Grimy Gold


Rightfully Ours II map
(click to enlarge)

Vel's hungry, eh? Aye, for gold. Like as not, he sent you here for the gold, and not to save me.

Well, I wish you luck with the task; the greenskins scattered the last cartful all over the blasted mine. It could be hidden in a pile of coal, a barrel or even a bag by now!

- Gordsson

Summary Edit

Search the Durak Mine for any gold that may have been overlooked by Murgluk's Gits. It could be hidden in bags, buckets or piles of coal.

After completing your search, inspect the gold in your inventory.

Objectives Edit

  • Busted Barrel 0/2
  • Dusty Bag 0/1
  • Pile of Coal 0/6
  • Grimy Gold Inspected

Quest Notes Edit

  • Quest objectives 'Busted Barrel', 'Dusty Bag', and 'Pile of Coal' are all interactable objocts located within Durak's Mine, near the quest giver Gordsson.
  • Quest objective 'Grimy Gold' automatically appears in your inventory once all other quest objectives have been met.

In Progress Edit

If Vel wants that gold he's goin' to have to dig for it!

- Gordsson

On Completion Edit

A warm golden sheen struggles to emerge from beneath a thick layer of grime.

- Upon Examination: Grimy Gold

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 1463
  • 75 Copper Coin

External Links Edit

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