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Rightfully Ours

Tier 1 Order PvE Quest
Zone Ekrund
Subzone Redhammer Brewery
Start Vel Thronrinson
End Gordsson

Quest Chain

Vel Thronrinson
  • Rightfully Ours I


Grimy Gold


Rightfully Ours I map
(click to enlarge)

Greenskins have taken the Durak Mine, {name}! Blasted things wouldn't know a piece of gold from a drut nugget, and now they're between us and our gold!

I sent Gordsson in a few days back to save what he could and he hasn't been seen since! Now I have t' ask a proper {career} in to find him and the gold! Should've asked you in the first place, eh?

- Vel Thronrinson

Summary Edit

Travel east to the Durak Mine and search for the missing Dwarf, Gordsson.

Objectives Edit

In Progress Edit

When you find Gordsson, give him a piece of my mind!

- Vel Thronrinson

On Completion Edit

Just because a Dwarf's wounded don't mean he's down, {name}. You think I'm waiting here because I like the company?

- Gordsson

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 1463

External Links Edit

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