Resurrecting Lions II

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Resurrecting Lions II

Order Travel Quest
Zone Chrace
Start Ankahri Silverleaf
End Ulinar Lonetree
Previous Resurrecting Lions I


Resurrecting Lions II map
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The White Lions of Chrace have fallen, {career}, but they will not be forgotten. The memory of their sacrifice will lend fire to our remaining forces, and will stand as a grim reminder of what is at stake in this battle against the armies of the Witch King.

We shall be the first to honor them, {name}. Take this Tome, read from its careworn pages, and bless the dead where they have fallen. Bring the news of their passing to Lonetree, and he will make sure they are not soon forgotten.

Particulars Edit

  • Go into the town of Yenlui and search for the fallen White Lion warriors. Interact with each body and read from the Careworn Tome. When done, make your way south and report to Ulinar Lonetree at the camp at the Cliffs of Ushuru.

Objectives Edit

  • Use the Careworn Tome 0/3

In-Progress Text Edit

We cannot deny our warriors the honor their service has earned.

Completion Text Edit

Songs of honor will fill the halls of Tor Achare, {name}. The sacrifices of our fallen warriors shall long be remembered.

Unfortunately, the ranks of the White Lions shall take far longer to replenish. Only through feral combat may a warrior rise to take his place as one of the White Lions of Chrace. Neither war nor direst need will change our traditions.

Take with you the knowledge that you have aided us in preserving the memory of our people: this is a gift beyond price.

Rewards Edit

Quest Progression Edit

External Links Edit

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