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A Renown Tactic is a type of Tactic that is purchased with renown points from a Renown Trainer.

Renown Training - First Point - 2008 Nov 27

First Renown Point...Choices

Getting StartedEdit

  • A Renown Tactic is the first Tactic a character can receive.
  • My suggestion is to progress through the first zone until reaching the first War Camp (for Empire this is Breuer's Regiment, the Chapter 3 camp in Nordland). Once there play a few RvR scenarios and you can quickly gain 2 or 3 Renown Ranks. Talk to the Apprentice Renown Trainer and purchase the Combat Awareness tactic. Now you will gain RvR experience faster.
  • Another suggestion is to move the Strategy Bar to the right side of the screen (to keep it from interfering from the chat window).

Renown Tactic - Combat Awareness - 2008 Nov 27

Renown Tactic: Combat Awareness

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