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Nestled on a on the west coast of the eastern Peninsula of Tilea, the city of Remas is one of the oldest city-states in Tilea, founded on the ruins of the last High Elf city in the Old World. Its Elf-made harbour is large and well protected, sheltering a mighty navy behind a bottleneck protected by a might bridge that links the two halves of the city, and acts as a portcullis defending the port with many leaning towers. The mansions of the richest merchant houses overlook this scene (who like having a view that gives them first-hand information as to all comings and goings of the city's fleets.


During the Classical Period, the city of Remas was the capitol of all of Tilea, the jewel of the Eternal Empire. As such, Remans are known for being arrogant and aggressive, and many of the other Tilean city-states are nervous about this centrally-located city. Although the Empire was not eternal as its name would suggest, the city of Remas continues to be one of the most powerful military forces in Tilea, one that constantly feuds with its neighbours, especially Miragliano (its chief rival for power, a contest that has lasted for over 2000 years), Verezzo, and Luccini. In addition to one of the best fleets, Remas is known for the strength of its pikemen. Ricco's Republican Guard is an especially famous group of elite pikemen, who dress in full plate mail gilded and studded with precious gems and bear distinctive red sashes, armbands, and scarves to signify the bloodstained bandages of the original Republican Guard, who held to their posts even when wounded during the tumultuous days of the founding of the Republic.

One of the most famous engagements of the Reman military was the "Battle of the Bridge" in 1487, when the city was almost taken by a Dark Elf raid. The Druchii struck while Remas' fleet was out to sea attacking a diversionary fleet, and the pirates used an unseasonable fog to break past the outer forts and into the harbour. The Dark Elves besieged the bridge, sacking many of the fine mansions and burning the centre of the span - however, the Guard stood firm at both ends of the Bridge, preventing the Dark Elves from sacking the city. The Bridge was later rebuilt, but the city has ever since born a special hatred for the Druchii and offer discounts on military hardware and mercenaries for anyone seeking to harm them.

The City of Remas is one of the longest-lasting Republics in all of Tilea. The Republic was founded during the great uprisings of 2321, when persistent famines caused by massive rodent infestations lead to uprisings in all the major cities of Tilea. However, Remas was one of the few places where the princes did not restore their rule, as the merchant families of Remas banded together quickly to resist the return of the princes. Today, Remas is ruled by a Council of Fifty, representing each of the merchant families and other powerful groups. This Council is responsible for debating the major issues of the day, creating consensus-driven decisions and passing all laws. A Triumvirate is chosen randomly from the Council each year to act as chief executive, with the result being that executive policy often changes depending on the particular interests of the individuals chosen for the Triumvirate, conflict and sometimes civil war between competing Triumvirs, and a very strong Council (as it is the only continually-governing body in the city). For all that Remas' government is heavily dominated by the merchant class, it is considered one of the least corrupt and most effective governments in Tilea.

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