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"Relish the Relics" is a Tome of Knowledge Bestiary unlock for the Snotling.

Order & DestructionEdit

Go to the Cliffrunner Den in Black Crag 63k,56k. In the room before Gorfang Rotgut (level 40 champion orc) is a Hoarding Burrower (level 41 snotling at 62.5k,61.5k). Kill him to get the Relic Sword of Verena. He does not always drop it and is on a 10 minute timer (11% chance to drop it). It took me 3 kills to loot the sword. The Hoarding Burrower is the only hostile creature in the Cliffrunner Den.

10/12/2010: Everything in the cave is HOSTILE and level 40 or 41... I also think the drop rate is lower than 11%.

1/12/2011: Destruction: only the Hoarding Burrower is hostile.


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