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Reikland Hills is an 18 vs. 18 Scenario in Tier 4 Chaos vs. Empire. Anyone between the levels of 23 and 40 can play this Scenario.

ReiklandHills 01


This is a rotating King of the Hill match where one or two out of three locations will be available for capture at specific times during the Scenario.

The three capture locations are: The Broken Bridge, The Mill and The Factory.

  • The first location to open is always the Broken Bridge, but from there it's entirely random as to which capture location will open next.
  • To capture these locations, you will need to interact with the flag and keep the opposing Realm from doing the same for about 30 seconds.
  • If successful, your side will start earning points for holding the area.
  • After three to four minutes, another capture area will open up for you to take over.

The time these locations stay open overlap slightly and force a decision upon defenders: leave to assault the new location, or stay to protect the currently captured location.


ReiklandHills 02

When you enter this Scenario, you can head straight to the Bridge or flank left and right.

The Broken Bridge is a flat, open location that is readily assaulted from all angles. Of all the capture locations in this Scenario, it is the hardest one to hold.

To the sides are the Mill and Factory. Each has a main path that leads to the flag, but there is also a tunnel that leads to them. Use the tunnels to approach from the back and take these locations by surprise!


At first glance this seems like a fairly straight forward Scenario: capture and hold one location at a time and keep the enemy from taking it from you. The complexities arise when you factor in the overlapping capture windows, and the sheer number of players in the Scenario.

The map is relatively large so anticipating which capture location will open next is a critical component to gaining a win. It's best to battle it out over the active "hill" one at a time in order to lead your team to victory!

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