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Reikland Factory concept

An aerial concept art view of the factory.

Reikland Factory was a 18 vs. 18 Scenario using the Domination ruleset which was only available to players participating in the Heavy Metal Live Event for the duration of the event. The Scenario is available to players of all ranks and tiers, and involves Order and Destruction fighting over a Steam Tank factory in the Empire zone of Reikland. Participating in Reikland Factory gives players a 10% bonus to Renown point gain.

Reikland Factory NPCs Edit

Reikland Factory Quests Edit

Quest Name Type Quest Start Quest End Notes
A Wrench in the Works RvR Adele Gondry Adele Gondry HM

Reikland Factory Tactics (From Warhammer Online - Scenarios 101 Episode 9: Heavy Metal Special Edit

Reikland Factory features both indoor and outdoor terrain with a heavy industrial influence... well, as industrial as the Empire can get. The middle of the zone has a large building called the Steam Tank Plant which has several entry points: from ground level, above, and below. The various ways into the Steam Tank Plant and the various levels upon which you can fight while inside the building ensure fast and varied gameplay! There are also three outside capture locations in this Scenario: The Warehouse, The Landing, and the Machine Shop. These locations are relatively open and easy to assault.

First things first. Capturing the Steam Tank Plant is not a guaranteed road to victory in this Scenario. It's very tempting to capture this location and hole up inside, but if you do that and allow the other team to capture the other locations, you will lose. Capturing all three of the outer area locations will net you more points over time than the SteamTank Plant alone. A smart team will capture the Steam Tank Plant PLUS one of the other three capture locations. Be warned though, holding more than one capture location in this Scenario will be a challenge, given the size of this map!

During the Heavy Metal Event, various treats will be scattered throughout the zone in this Scenario, including exploding barrels, meat pies, hunting missions and collection quests. Make sure you scour the entire Reikland Factory zone to find these special event rewards because after the event, they will be gone!

Thanks again to Warhammer Online for Documenting their game so well! TimJG 20:10, 10 December 2008 (UTC)

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