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"The blood shall be a sign for you on the houses where you live; and when I see the blood I will pass over you, and no plague will befall you to destroy you when I strike the land..."
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Zone Info
Realm: Order
Army: Order of the Griffon
Tier: 4
Paired with: Chaos Wastes
Reikland map
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Reikland is the tier 4 zone for the Order of the Griffon army and the most prosperous and urbanized province in The Empire. The region houses Altdorf, the seat of Imperial power and one of the grandest cities in the Old World. As Reikland is the last line of defense before invaders assault the capital, its inhabitants are usually shielded from the dangers northern provinces have to endure, but in WAR are under direct assault from Chaos forces.

Overview Edit

The Grand Principality of Reikland is the most politically and economically important province of the Empire. The hills and plains of Reikland are home to livestock farms, vineyards, crop fields which supply much of the Empire's food stocks. The south west of the province has its back to the Grey Mountains. These mountains are rich in ore and gems which are traded far and wide. Because of the copious amounts of wealth in the province, its roads, canals and other infrastructure are second to none in the Empire. Apart from Altdorf, the main feature of Reikland is the River Reik, which is the lifeblood of trade and travel in the province. The river flows from Nuln in the south, to Altdorf, and on to the burgeoning port-city of Marienburg in the Wasteland.

As river travel is so common, a ship building industry has grown in Reikland. The shipbuilding is fueled by a logging industry whose operations lie in Reikwald Forest. The forest provides ample amounts of timber for the many rafts and barges which make their way up and down the Reik. Most of the settlements in Reikland are along the Reik, including mercantile "free towns" containing a burgeoning middle class which has grown from Reikland's wealth.

Compared to the more northern and exposed provinces, the people of Reikland, nestled snugly between the Reik and the Grey Mountains, live a relatively peaceful existence, unfettered by marauding Beastmen or Greenskin WAAAGHs. This isn't to say that Reikland has no dangers; bandit bands form in the woods, highwaymen accost travelers on the roads, and despite the refusal of the upper class to believe it, Chaos Cults and Skaven eat away at society from the shadowy underworld.

Reikland in the Age of ReckoningEdit

If the war host of Chaos has come this far then Tchar'zanek must have already conquered Nordland, Ostland, Talabecland and the Kislevite city of Praag, in terms of Zones, and certainly Middenland, though that province does not appear in WAR. If that is the case, then these are dire times for Reikland and all of the Empire.

An anarchist named Emil Schulmann has roused the peasants into a revolt, denouncing the treatment of the lower classes as inhumane-- taking advantage of the chaos caused by, well, the coming of Chaos. Lord Heinrich, whose estate is near to territory controlled by the revolutionaries. And worse, a nearby inn is the site of a major crossroads in Reikland; should the inn fall into unfriendly hands, then the warriors of the Empire will have no way to transport reinforcements and supplies through Reikland.


Concept art of the Reik River Observatory

To add to the discord, a rich nobleman, Lord Grauenburg has begun acting suspiciously. Grauenburg has begun hoarding grain, and more alarmingly, though his holdings lie in the path of the encroaching Chaos army, Lord Grauenburg has ordered his men to prepare for an attack from the south, the direction of Altdorf. The wizards of the Celestial College in the nearby Reik River Observatory, hearing about these strange events, cast their divinations and hear of a terrible treachery afoot. In response to these threats, the Emperor has dispatched a large contingent of his elite Order of the Griffon to root out treachery and battle the approaching warhost.

Tchar'zanek's scheme to undermine Reikland's defences are coming to fruition; however, he must step carefully, for all the might and glory of the Empire is against him, and one wrong step can foil even the most carefully laid plans.

The Reiksguard, one of the premier fighting forces of the Empire, are the defenders of Reikland, and they will combat The Chaos threat to the last man. The dual threat of the Reiksguard and the Order of the Griffon represents the most dangerous obstacle the evil Warlord has yet encountered. While they shelter in the towering Reiksguard Castle, the armies of the Empire will prove difficult to defeat by force of arms. The dreaded Champion of Tzeentch, however the Emperor has sent his most tireless Witch Hunters, who will work to root out the followers of the Ruinous Powers and burn them at the stake.

As Tchar'zanek and the Emperor match wits, bringing their most powerful cards into play, the people of Reikland and the whole Empire wait out the oppressive hours, hoping against hope that the climactic battle does destroy the Empire along with her enemies.

Should Reikland fall to the powers of Chaos, then the way will be open for Tchar'zanek to attack Altdorf, and if Altdorf should fall, so will the the Empire. For the people of the Reikland, in the face of the largest invasion since the time of Magnus the Pious, there can be no higher stakes. And should Tchar'zanek's master plan be brought to fruition, a fate far worse than death awaits them all.

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Information on Tome of Knowledge unlocks / achievements in Reikland:

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Reikland map

Map over the Reikland zone

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