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A beastiary unlock for Great Cat.

Order & DestructionEdit

Kill Frost Growlers or Frost Sabretusks in West Praag until one drops a Fine Fur Pelt, then go talk to merchant Cedred Kaltenback in Empire chapter 16 in Reikland or merchant Lathaena Bladetwister in Chaos chapter 16 in Chaos Wastes. WarDB quotes drop rate to be 1.7 %.

Known spawn locationsEdit

  • 49k, 41k
  • 51.5k, 41k
  • 58k, 42k
  • 62k,39k
  • 64k, 35.5k
  • 52k, 3k
  • 55478, 37022
  • 58524, 36105
  • 59406, 42671
  • 64850, 35701
  • 65098, 32666



-Patch 1.4.7 this item is dropping again with chances above 0%.

-Known location also in Praag 1.5k, 6,6k there is a Frost Growler on a rock located near the hills.

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