Reaper's Circle

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Reaper's Circle

Reaper's Circle

Tier 2 {{{difficulty}}} Public Quest
Realm Destruction
Zone Ostland
Chapter 6
Rally Master {{{rally}}}

Reaper's Circle is a Public Quest available to Destruction players in Ostland.


  • Slay 30 Rawhide Wolves
  • Kill 5 Dark Apprentices
  • Kill Kraunel the Reaper

Stage One - Rawhide WolvesEdit

Stage Two - Dark ApprenticesEdit

Stage Three - Kraunel the ReaperEdit


Stage 1 - Slay 30 Rankhide Wolves (Rank 13, Blessing- "Wolf Howl" increases damage by +15%) which can be found scattered around the public quest area (25690, 16178). This stage is very easy, as it is more of a grind than an actual challenge. Stage 2 - Slay 5 Dark Apprentices (Rank 13) located (27787, 17227). The Dark Apprentices are surrounded by Boneshard Guardians (Rank 13) as well as Long-Billed Vultures (Rank 13) and Skeletal Minions (Rank 13). Each Dark Apprentice will pull two Skeletal Minions to aid them when attacked. Stage 3 - Kraunel the Reaper (Rank 13 CHAMPION). Kraunel will have a larger skeleton next to him, and until this skeleton is killed Kraunel will take 90% less damage due to his debuff.

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