Ranks of the Damned, Kalarthay the Mad

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The servants of Chaos are numerous beyond measure; only the most successful or worst failures enduring in the tomes of historians and the chanted words of northern tribes.

Of the many who faithfully served the dark gods until their purpose bore fruit, no few have vanished into the mists of time; and it is from the half remembered tales of these that whispers of Kalarthay the Mad continue to grow.

Rumor tells of once great warriors who serve their dark masters still, having lost all vestiges of their former glory and selves. It is said these lost souls can be awakened, recalled into Tchar'zanek's service by the Font of Souls.

Tome Unlock: Use the book "Ranks of the Damned" behind Disciple Everdamned in the Lyceum of the Inevitable City (position: 3800, 21600). This area can only be reached if the Inevitable City has reached Rank 4.

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