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Ranger Hillson

Ranger Hillson

Tier 3 Order Quest Objective
Zone The Badlands
Subzone Spitbore
Coordinates 3600, 43000

Ranger Hillson is an Interactive Object located in the Spitbore, an area in the southwestern Badlands. Hillson was dispatched by Norn Grindolsson to monitor greenskin activity to the south of Norrikson's Excavation. In the process of doing so, the Dwarf Ranger was seemingly overwhelmed by the Squigs that infest the region.

Quests Edit

Inspecting the bite marks on the fallen Ranger's body, it seems clear that he was killed by the squigs that roam the Geyser Fields.

As you ready your weapon, intent on taking revenge for Hillson's death, the soft glint of metal catches your eye. Looking more closely, you notice that the medallion inscribed with the vow taken by every Oathbearer is clutched in the hand of the dead Dwarf.

- Quest Completion Text: By My Oath I

Begins Quests Edit

Ends Quests Edit

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