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Ranged Damage Per Second (DPS) is the ability to stand back and do damage without the necessity of getting into messy close combat. In Warhammer Online there are several ranged classes that serve a variety of unique roles.

Ranged Careers Overview Edit

There are three classes of ranged DPS in the Warhammer Online universe. Each class is represented by one career on both the Order and Destruction sides. The classes are built so that the most survivable classes do the least amount of DPS. This also makes a large difference in their roles in both PvE and RvR combat. The Classes are broken down into Pet Masters, Area Defense, and Mages.


Each class is actually quite different, with damage types, survivability, damage amount, gear statistics, all varying largely between the classes. Understandably the following is only a general discription of what a class would be good at in PvE and PvP.

Pet Master The Pet Master is the most survivable of the bunch, and is thus best suited to getting into the thick of combat. They are the most independent ranged class. In PvE they solo the best out of the ranged classes, as their pet has several abilities, and can do some tanking. When in groups however, they won't be doing as much DPS as the other ranged classes. A good choice if you like to go at it alone. In RvR, they excel at fighting other ranged classes. With their predominance of physical damage against other caster low armor values, and pets to interupt enemy casting, they are excellent at taking out Healers and the other Ranged DPS classes.

Area Defense The Area Defense class is in the middle of the road. More survivable than Mages, but less survivable than Pet Masters. As their name suggests, they do really well when able to set up a static defense. In PvE the Solo fairly well. They have turrets to help draw enemy attacks, and do limited tanking, as well as some close range instant cast abilities that allow them to do some limited fighting at melee ranges. They really are the middle of the road as far as DPS is concerned, almost a jack of all trades. In RvR they are best at defending objectives, since constant movement hinders their damage abilities.

Mage The least survivable of the bunch, this class actually has good potential to harm itself while doing damage. This disadvantage however, is made up for by the stunning amount of damage they can do. This class takes a lot of skill to play, as the over zealous player can focus on the damage they are doing, and not the one fifth of their health bar worth of damage they are doing to themselves. In PvE, soloing is quick but dangerous. Pulling two mobs at once can be very risky, especially if they outrank you. They focus on killing something as quick as possible, with "the best defense is a good offense" approach. In PvP they are extremely squishy. Since they have the highest percentage of magic v physical damage, they do great against enemies with low resistances, provided they don't get within melee range. They also excel at killing healers.


Pet Masters Destruction: Orc Squig Herder / Order: High Elf White Lion

Area Defense Destruction: Chaos Magus / Order: Dwarf Engineer

Mage Destruction: Dark Elf Sorceress / Order: Empire Bright Wizard

Basic Comparisons Edit

This section is just a quick comparison between classes, such as survivability, primary and secondary stats, damage types, etc. for things ranked high/medium/low, this is a comparison with other ranged classes only. Standard spell damage is damage the rank 1 standard damage spell would do at lvl 40 with basic stats.

Pet MastersEdit

Survivability: High
Damage: Low
Primary Damage type: Physical
Primary Resistance abilities: Physical with some magic
Primary Stats: Ballistic Skill
Secondary Stats: Toughness, Initiative
AoE Ability: Low
Self Heal: Some
Critical Chance physical: medium
Critical Damage physical: Very Low
Critical Chance ability: low
Critical Damage ability: low
Standard Spell Damage: 190

Area DefenseEdit

Survivability: Medium
Damage: Medium
Primary Damage type: Magic with some physical
Primary Resistance Abilities: mixed
Primary Stats: Intelligence
Secondary Stats: Toughness, Initiative
AoE Ability: Medium
Self Heal: very little
Critical Chance: medium
Critical Damage: Medium
Standard Spell Damage: 350


Survivability: Low
Damage: Medium
Primary Damage type: Magic
Primary Resistance Abilities: Magic
Primary Stats: Intelligence
Secondary Stats: Wounds, Toughness
AoE Ability: High
Self Heal: None
Critical chance: Very High
Critical Damage: Very High
Standard Spell Damage: 600

Advantages and DisadvantagesEdit

Squig Herder / White Lion example

Magus / Engineer

Sorceress / Bright Wizard


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Warhammer Online: Strategy Guide by Primus [2]

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