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Ranald is the God of Tricksters. He is a rogue and a charlatan, with an irrepressible sense of humor. He is said to be able to take the form of a crow, a magpie or a black cat. He loves nothing more than to bring down the mighty and raise the low, although he abhors violence of all kinds, and would never condone violent crime, murder or torture. Ranald is considered to be a giver of good fortune, and many prayers are said to him by those wishing for a change of luck, or to keep the wealth they have gained so far.

Although there are almost no real temples to Ranald, he is widely worshiped, mainly by merchants, gamblers, thieves, and all those whose daily tasks revolve around money. Revered across the Old World as a hero of the common folk, his reputation amongst the leaders of other cults is that of a patron of rogues and other so-called "low lifes".

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