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Rally Master - Empire - 2008 Oct 26

An Empire Rally Master

Rally Masters are NPCs that offer two services.

  1. They provide a return point for your BookItem frame 5[Book of Binding]. Setting your return point will allow you to later teleport to that location by using your Book of Binding.
  2. They provide a choice of 3 different Influence Rewards. You gain access to these by participating in Public Quests until your Influence Meter fills up to one of the 3 check points

The EmpireEdit

  • Chapter 1 - Grimmenhagen Village - Eldred Krebs (26.4k, 54.3k)
  • Chapter 2 - Grey Lady Coaching Inn - Werner Fassbinder (21.5k, 27.7k)
  • Chapter 3 - Breuer's Regiment - General Breuer (31.8k, 18.5k)

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