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Ragged Assassin

Ragged Assassin

Rank Varies Mob
Type Humanoid
Subtype Elf
Species Dark Elf
Zone Altdorf
Subzone The Temple of Sigmar
Coordinates 5700, 24100

PC Reactions

Order Hostile

The Ragged Assassin has remained under cover for some time, managing to infiltrate the city of Altdorf, even going so far as to enter the Temple of Sigmar itself. As part of the Beyond the Sands Event, this Dark Elf spy is attempting to locate and steal the book 'Desert Chronicle' in order to obtain the information contained within. Disguised as the Fidgety Sister of Faith, she attacks players when her true identity is revealed.

The Ragged Assassin's rank scales to that of the character that reveals her, allowing all players to participate in the event task she is a part of.

Quests Edit

Objective of Quests Edit

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