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Queen Rasut was the last ruler of the Second Dynasty. She stole the throne for herself so no one from Zandri or Numas would rule Khemri.

None dared oppose her forced take over, especially those who lived in the city. She placed her infant son on the throne, but he didn't survive his third year. She was powerful enough to have a large tomb dedicated to herself and her son. Her son turned out to be somewhat useless given their ages.

She was followed, in the third dynasty, by King Khetep.

Tomb of Queen Rasut Edit

The Tomb of Queen Rasut is part of the Necropolis of Khemri, in Nehekhara. It belongs to the Tomb Kings of Khemri.

It is inhabited by Queen Rasut but was raided by one Heinrich Johann, whose journal revealed much of the interior design of the tomb. It consists of three chambers, growing smaller towards the top level. The first chamber contains several traps, as well as a fountain with 'Eternal Life' inscribed beneath, although the water has been tainted since its original inception. Also, there is a scorpion pit, bottomless pit, poison needles and a sand trap guarding this first level.

On the second level, there is a giant stone ball triggered by the last step of the first staircase, 'Whirling Blades of Doom' where timing is essential. Also, there is a spear trap and a tunnel leading to the bottomless pit below.

The final level is protected with the most elaborate traps. An impaling trap on the staircase pillar is all that remained, but is so well disguised to make it almost impossible to be seen. It also contains the casket of Rasut's infant son as well as Rasut's own sarcophagus. There are also hieroglyphics strewn all across the walls.

Heinrich Johann is missing, presumed dead, but his bodyguard most defiantly is dead. He was impaled on the trap in the staircase pillar.

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