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Public Quests or PQs are area-specific, ongoing quests that are automatically assigned to each player that enters the area. All players work toward completing that same quest, if they choose to participate. For listings of PQs, see Category:Public Quests.

Overview Edit

Public Quests typically involve several (most commonly 3) stages and conclude with a large fight against one or more Hero tier opponents. When a public quest is completed, some of the players who participated will receive a reward based on his contribution, the difficulty of the public quest and a roll. Most public quests are confined to PvE zones and as such don't affect RvR anymore since Patch 1.3.6.

Each stage of a public quest is composed of a primary task that must be completed in order to advance to the next stage. Stages beyond the first are typically timed, and can involve various objectives. These include, but are not limited to, item collection, character protection, and defeating specific opponents. In some instances a single task will involve more than one objective, and may also include sub-objectives that must be achieved in order to move on to the next task. If a task is not completed within the time allotted, the public quest is failed and restarts shortly there after.

With the implementation of Game Update 1.2.0, all Tiers of the game world have been modified to have Easy, Normal and Hard difficulty PQs. Usually there is an Easy, Normal and Hard PQ within each Chapter. The higher the difficulty of a Public Quest, the larger the amount of players required to complete it successfully, and the more effort and input required from each player. While an Easy PQ in Tier 1 may only require 2-3 players and have a 3 or so stages, a Hard PQ in Tier 1 may have 4 or 5 stages and require 15 or so players. This scales with Tier also so that an Easy PQ in Tier 4 may have around 5 stages and require 5 or more players to complete.

Quest Rewards Edit

Direct Rewards Edit

After a public quest is completed, those who contributed to the tasks have an opportunity to receive a reward in the form of one of a limited number of loot bags. Each bag contains a selection of items usable by the character that wins it, including coin, crafting components, and class-specific equipment. A single item may be selected from a loot bag, and the selection of items available varies based on the rarity of the bag itself.

In order to determine who receives the available loot bags, a number is randomly generated for each player that contributed to the public quest. Modifiers are then added to the roll based on the contribution of the player to the success of the objectives. This means that even though those who contribute most to a public quest receive an increased chance at being awarded a loot bag, anyone that was involved in the quest stands a chance at earning a reward. The players that receive the largest numbers, after modifiers are applied, are allowed to claim the loot bags. Participants not winning a bag can wait for the public quest to reset, complete again and will be granted an additional modifier applied to their rolls to boost chances of winning a bag.

There will be a golden chest icon in the upper right corner of your window telling you who won loot bags for the just completed PQ. If you are a winner, you may run to the golden chest on the ground near the conclusion of the PQ. Right click on the chest and wait a few seconds to receive your loot bag. You have about 2 minutes after the completion of the PQ loot roll to collect your loot bag from the chest.

If you don't manage to pick up your loot bag, it will be send to you via the pst system, taking about a day to arrive.

Occasionally a PQ will drop a loot bag of a different color, such as blue or gold. These bags contain much better loot and the gold ones will contain parts of a set. These bags will show normally only once in a PQ and will go to the person receiving the highest roll. These bags generally only appear when enough players have contributed to the PQ, this means soloing a lower level PQ can very often mean a Blue or higher bag not being available and requiring more players to activate it. Opting out of the roll does not seem to affect the number or rarity of bags that drop but instead increases the amount of times higher bags appear for that group of players. For example a group of 8-9 players in a 6-7 PQ can mean a Gold bag can drop 2-3 times and almost guaranteeing an epic bag on each completion.

You can only choose 1 item from a bag.

Lesser (silver) bag

  • White item
  • Crafting items

Green bags

  • Green item specified to class at level PQ designed for
  • Crafting items

Blue bags

  • Blue item as above
  • Green item
  • Crafting items

Purple bag

  • Purple item
  • Blue item
  • Green item
  • Crafting items

Massive (Gold) bag

  • Very rare item (set)
  • Crafting items

Winning a bag is based on 3 numbers: contribution, random roll 1-999 and a persistance bonus. The contribution is based on your personal effort in moving the PQ forward by completing objectives. Whoever kills the most mobs, activates the most objects or mitigates the most damage by healing contributes, healing has a fairly large bonus to small amounts since healers can very rarely take part in killing or activating objects. At the end of the PQ is awards each member with a medal (bronze, silver and gold) and a bonus to the roll; between 95 and 500. The roll is a random number 1-999 and even low rolls can be acheived by top contributors. If you have done the PQ multiple times in the same sitting and not recieved any rewards yet you get a 100 bonus added on to your roll and contribution as a persistance. When the rolling is completed and added up the bags are distributed in descending order rarest first to the player with the highest roll.

Influence-Based Rewards Edit

Each chapter of the WAR Story includes a number of public quests associated with it, and those who contribute to them are awarded influence points for their efforts. These points can be used to claim Influence Rewards from the chapter's Rally Master. These rewards are based on your career.

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