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Pub Crawl Edit

This is a quest picked up from the Live Event questgiver in Altdorf.  Run around to all the inns in town and interact with the kegs.

Keg Location Details
Hair of the Dog The Mastiff's End (25,35) This is the inn by the mailbox in Market Square.
Humpback Ale inside the Blow Hole tavern along the docks, northside
The Cat's Meow inside the Screaming Cat tavern along the docks, southside
Reikland Gold Standard inside the tavern across from the Guild Bank/First Bank of Altdorf
Griffon Grog inside the tavern at the entrance to the War Quarters; located at the southeast part of the circular plaza opposite from the jail
Morrsmead (28,34) This is up some steps, outside in Market Square
Squire's Secret Still behind the entrance to the guild hall; go up the ramps adjacent and find a solitary peasant sitting atop the keg
Fatal Firebreath Fuel inside of a house along the perimeter of the Bright Wizard College; leaving the flight master, take the second left and bear left again when reaching the perimeter of the College; it is the first door (up a small flight of stairs) to the left

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