Promise of Battle V

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Promise of Battle V

Order PvE Quest
Zone Nordland
Start Sergeant Altmann
End Sergeant Altmann
Previous Promise of Battle IV


Promise of Battle V map
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"I wish I could promise we're going to survive this onslaught, but the truth you know as well as I, is that we'd be lucky if there's a handful of us still standing at the end. All I can promise is that the battle will come to us if we do not go to it."

"Well I need the strongest among us to take the battle to these murderers. There is one among them that others have said is one with the darkness. I'll not plague your mind with the tales of horror associated, but I will say this: If not a one of us is able to take that unholy thing down, then it will surely spell doom for the lot of us."

"I'm telling you because all my lieutenants have fallen to the blade and you're the best I've left. My prayers are with you, {name}."

- Sergeant Altmann

Promise of Battle V is a Tier 1 Order Quest that begins at Breuer's Regiment, in northern Nordland.

Particulars Edit

Objectives Edit

In-Progress Text Edit

"Go find that unholy murderer! Face her. Kill her."

- Sergeant Altmann

Completion Text Edit

"Word has spread, {name}. You saw the dark, faced it without fear and then defeated it where so many others have failed. You're a beacon of hope. Sigmar has blessed you with unparalleled strength and courage."

"If I am to survive here I am eager to pass down tales of your deeds."

- Sergeant Altmann

Rewards Edit

Career Equipment Edit

Equipment Rewards by Career
Ironbreaker Icon Rune Priest Icon
Engineer Icon Slayer Icon
Bright Wizard Icon Warrior Priest Icon WP Armor Body 001 Salutary Cassock
Witch Hunter Icon Knight of the Blazing Sun Icon
Swordmaster Icon Archmage Icon
Shadow Warrior Icon White Lion Icon

Quest Progression Edit

External Links Edit

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