Pre-emptive Strike

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Pre-emptive Strike

Tier 3 Order PvE Quest
Zone The Badlands
Subzone Norrikson's Excavation
Start Harkum Stoutgut
End Harkum Stoutgut


Pre-emptive Strike map
(click to enlarge)

A curse on this blasted wasteland, and all these green chuffers who call it home!

We came from the Marshes hopin' t' find ol' Fireforge's passage quickly and get the brightstone we're needin', but it ain't happened that way. Instead, we keep havin' t' fight off these blue-faced brutes chargin our camp. I've 'ad enough o' them, {name}. We've got a job to do and an oath t' the High King t' uphold, and it ain't gettin' done so long as the camp keeps comin' under attack.

I think it's time for us t' make an attack o' our own. If we fight 'em in their own camp, then maybe we can clear 'em out and get on with what needs doin'.

Get out there and kill 'em before they mount their next attack!

- Harkum Stoutgut

Summary Edit

Travel north to the Savage Orc camp just outside Norriksson's Excavation. Defeat the Blue Face Killas you find there to staunch the attacks being made on the camp.

Return to Harkum Stoutgut in Norriksson's Excavation when done.

Objectives Edit

In Progress Edit

We're barely 'olding those greenskins back!

- Harkum Stoutgut

On Completion Edit

That should give us a bit of breathing room! Those blue faced snotling fondlers'll think twice before they attack this camp again!

- Harkum Stoutgut

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 2848

External Links Edit

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