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Zone Info
Realm: Neutral
Army: Order of the Griffon/Raven Host
Tier: 4
Praag map
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Praag is the fourth tier neutral zone for the Order of the Griffon and Raven Host battlefront.


The northern city of Praag is the closest city in the Old World to the Chaos Wastes. It is not actually part of the Empire but part of an allied nation of The Empire called Kislev, which is located to the north of The Empire, being loosely based on Poland and Russia. Praag is considered to be the last bastion of civilisation before reaching the endless rolling wasted tundra of Troll Country and the Chaos Wastes where the barbarous tribes of Northmen roam. Due to its location, it has suffered at the hands of Chaos on numerous occasions, since it is a target for raiding bands of Marauders and for warhosts attempting to drive south into Kislev and ultimately the Empire.

The History of the city has been one of contention between the Ungol people, an ethnic group of nomads who inhabit the plains to the north of the River Lynsk, though they owe loyalty to the crown of Kislev. And the Gospodars, the people who make up Kislev's ruling class and primarily dwell in the cities of Erengrad and Kislev in the south. The city contains a majority Ungol population and it has attempted to formally secede three times from Kislev. The first and second times the population was starved into submission by a trade embargo on goods and food from the south, and the third time the Kislevite military itself stepped in to quell the separatists and ended up killing many innocent civilians in the process.

During the Great War against Chaos roughly 200 years before present (2302 IC), Praag was laid siege to by an the titanic Chaos horde of Asavar Kul. Though Magnus the Pious and the Kislevite forces won the day and broke the siege, the city was left so tainted by Chaos that the structures of the city became twisted and mutated, sprouting tentacles and mutations while the ground quaked and writhed and. The surviving citizens of Praag had no option but to burn it to the ground and rebuild their city from scratch. Since that time it has been known as "The Cursed City".

Praag in the Age of ReckoningEdit

In the Age of Reckoning the ruinous powers have come once again to Praag. The city is besieged, and the long-suffering inhabitants of the city must fight daily against the forces of the Raven Host. But this is not merely a battle for the conquest of the city. Tchar'zanek has freed an ancient daemon known as Souleater, and has brought it bound within a mortal host to the city. Every soul which passes in the fight for Praag feeds the daemon, whose strength grows little by little. Eventually it will have enough power to break out of its bonds and manifest itself above the city.

The Order of the Griffon has come to Praag in strength, bringing with them a squadron of Steam Tanks, the most potent of all Imperial war machines. They have been sent by the Emperor to prevent the Raven Host from achieving their goal, for if Souleater is released, the fate of Praag will surely be doomed, and the forces of Chaos will be free to invade the heart of the Empire.

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