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Potions: Made from Apothecary skill, or found as loot, to improve your PvE and PvP.

Potions are made up of a potion bottle, a main ingredient, and up to 3 optional ingredients.

Potion level is determined by adding the apothecary-skill-level of the included ingredients, the potion bottle and the main ingredient influence this the most, and the optional ingredients influence this the least (though adding high level optional ingredients can certainly raise the potion's effective level).

Potion mechanics: The bottle does not affect the resulting potion in any way whatsoever.

The main ingredient determines what sort of potion will result, all the names are reasonably clear except "restoration" main ingredients are heal-over-time, and "Healing" are the instant-heal potions.

Optional ingredients either stabilize the potion, increase the duration, increase the effect, or increase the potion-yield (ie: make more than one potion at a time).

A potion is made, ideally, at perfect stability. For this article, lets call "perfect" stability a 1. All store-bought main ingredients start with a stability of 1/2, meaning they'll make volatile potions (which are possible to backfire on you and cause reversed effects). This means that you will need to buy one "cloudy water" to stabilize these potions.

Later main ingredients may start with zero stability, or even a negative number (The lowest seen has been a -3.5 stability). This means that you will need to use harvested items to improve stability. Both Butchering and Cultivating will give components for alchemy, and all stabilization aspects follow this curve:

  • 1 skill = 1/2 stability
  • 25 skill = 1 stability
  • 50 skill = 1.5 stability

When increasing the number of potions created from a mixture, the same rules apply to "concoction increasing" optional components, that means if you add a single 1 skill optional ingredient, it will have no effect.

This rule holds true for duration increasing components, with all potions starting at duration 0 (fire-y potions follow a different duration, but increase in the same way) duration:

  • 0 = 5 minutes
  • 1 = 10 minutes
  • 2 = 15 minutes
  • 3 = 30 minutes
  • 4 = 60 minutes

Lastly some components will make "larger" potions (butchering squigs give components for this). This component increases the effect of the potion, without raising the level (though the added apothecary-skill of using high level squig parts may increase the potion level in the same way that any optional component will).

Many green-rarity potion components will give a 1/2 stability bonus (possibly more at high levels?), so it is entirely possible to make a potion with an unstable main ingredient, and add just duration increasing components and still end up with a stable potion.

Skill gain on potions occurs more often with components close to your level, but it is possible to get skill increases with very-low level potions even when alchemy skill is very high.

When using butchering to create apothecary components, the actual monster does not matter, just the "category" the monster falls under, and the monster's level. The category determines the kind of parts dropped (boars of all types will always drop boar-blood, for instance), and the level determines the level of skill needed for the apothecary components. Categories:

  • Boar: Duration Increase
  • Wolf: Restoration main ingredient
  • Horse: Healing main ingredient
  • Reptile/Lizard: Armor main ingredient, fireball main ingredient
  • Bird: Accuracy (ballistics) main ingredient
  • Bear: Strength main ingredient

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