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Poor Taste is the Empire Chapter 17 Kill Quest.

  • Task: Kill 60 "Raven Host forces", which is an obscure request to kill Raven Scouts and Raven Seekers (level 35-36 Chaos (Humans)). These mobs are NOT in Praag, but rather just west in West Praag along the main south road (running east-west).
    • These chaos humans can be found in West Praag along the main road that runs along the south bank of the river. More specifically, along the road from loc 64k, 49k west to the intersection at 57k, 51k.
    • There is also a great farming site on the north bank of the river at loc 62k, 40k, but beware of Kanyr Soulstriker a roaming level 35 Champion magus and Vathok the Sunderer a roaming level 35 Champion zealot.
    • You do NOT receive credit for killing Raven Aspirants or Raven Fanatics.
  • Reward: No special reward beyond the per-kill reward of 401xp each.
  • Kill Collector: Hartlieb Roth is located in the Empire Chapter 17 camp of Lieberholz's Command in south Praag and can be found at the coordinates 13k, 58k.

Tradeskill Notes Edit

  • This Kill Quest is good for Scavenging in support of Talisman Making.
  • Primary scavenginging drops:
    • Talisman Making Fragments (various) - 150/175 skill
    • Talisman Making Curios (various) - 150/175 skill

as of 17 May 2009 (post version 1.2)

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