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Poor Gustav! Is no one brave enough to help me? My infant son, Gustav, has been taken from me!

I know it sounds far-fetched, but he was taken late last night by a large rat that moved like a man! Please, <career>, don't think me a mad woman! I have lost my son, but I have not yet lost my mind!

Yes, a giant rat took my son, then vanished into the Sewers beneath the city!

Will you help me? I have little to offer you, but I will give what I can if you can return Gustav to me! Particulars Venture into the sewers beneath Altdorf in search of Elise Strohmann's son, Gustav.

According to Elise, Gustav was abducted by a large rat that moved like a man.

Slay the Warprot Kidnapper. Requirements

   * Baby Gustav (1)

Rewards You will recieve: 2881 XP 2881 XP Money 25s 48c

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