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Pocket items are usually achieved from completing Tome of Knowledge achievements and bestiary unlocks and, once unlocked, are acquired from your main city librarian.

Pocket items do not normally provide a tangible benefit to the player nor any visual addition to the character's armor.
Most pocket items are usable, like a potion, and provide some sort of non-combat effect to the player or their target, such as a special animation, sound or text message that the player would normally not be able to do on their own.

For example, using the Fear in a Bottle pocket item while targeting an enemy Realm member or npc will cause them to do a cowering animation, but does not affect that target's ability to operate in any way. Because of this, pocket items are considered more of a novelty item than anything, and are not usually collected for reasons outside of vanity or comedy.

There are 2 pocket item slots available on the character paperdoll.

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