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Order and DestructionEdit

Collect 5 Warhawk eggs found along the ridge in High Pass from 5k, 52k to 2k, 42k and also across the way from 7k, 44k to 10k, 48k on top of the ridgeline. After you have 5 eggs use them. ~Lucrin

Notes Edit

  • Trying to figure out how to climb up the mountains can be very ... trying. After much frustration, here is one approach: Start at 5.2k, 45.5k looking NE up the side of the mountain. Climb up the ridge, veering left when you get stuck. Then fight the Yeti (level 22-23), and continue right. Zig-zag your way up...staying on ridge lines until you are stopped, then changing direction. No need to jump, just work your way up to the top of the summit. Near the summit is several Yetis, one of which is a Champion.
  • The Eggs are located beside the individual Moltbeak Eagles (level 24 Warhawks), and look like large black stones. They are easy to spot from above, even from a distance. However, they may not always be present, and they are slow to spawn. Count on making a couple different trips to gather five.


Item: Bird Seed, XP: 1476

  • Note that this tome unlock also unlocks a Pocket Item that you can purchase from the librarian. Thereafter, this pocket item can be equipped in one of the character's two "pocket" slots.

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