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Enclosed by the Ash Ridge Mountains to the north, the Worlds Edge Mountains with Nagashizzar to the west, the Broken Teeth mountain range to the south-west, the Sea of Dread to the south and the River Ruin to the east, lies the Plain of Bones. It is a desert region full of the bones of dead Dragons and adventurers. Since the first great Chaos Incursion, Zombie dragons walk these lands. Within lies the Ruined Fortress of Vorag.



The Plain of Bones is a stretch of desert land despoiled by the windblown pollutants carried from the industry of the Chaos Dwarfs to the north and ravaged by wandering Greenskin tribes. To the south lies the poisoned sand beaches along the Sea of Dread.  It s here that the servents of Nagash dug up the bones of the untold numbers of dead greenskin lie from their many battles. 

Huge rib-cages many times larger then a man protrude from the multi-colored sands of the Plain of Bones, for it is the place where generations of dragons have come to to spend their last hours among the living. When a dragon knew it time was short, it would fly to the Plain of Bones and rest there where it landed, waiting for death to come. No-one knows why they did this, but their bones, as well as the many bones of adventurers who came after the treasures brought by these dragons or necromancers who came to enslave a Zombie dragon but failed, cover the land.

This practice ended, however, during the time of the first great Chaos Incursion, when dark energy seeped out of the north and malignant evil entered the corpses of the dead dragons. The dragons stirred once more and they rose to become Zombie Dragons, prowling the Plain of Bones. Only the strongest of Necromancers can bind one of them to his will, the rest, if venturing into the Plain, awaits certain death.


It was in -2739 IC when the High Elf Anurell, who had sought a southern route to Cathay but was set off course and attacked by sea monsters, landed on the Southern Shore. He set up a small settlement but was constantly attacked by Goblins. Anurell was eventually killed and his kinsmen erected a monolith and laid his body together with the famed Navigation Stone at its side. One year after their disastrous arrival, the remaining elves stroke north and disappeared into the Plain of Bones.

-600 IC, Vorag Bloodytooth, the first and only Ghoul King, fled to the Plain of Bones after his Ghoul army was defeated by the Red Cloud Goblins. In the east of the Plain of Bones is build the Fortress of Vorag. Vorag assambles his army against the Grey Hag Goblins, which he drives back into their mountain lair, but Vorag himself is killed. The Ghouls, leaderless, scatter and return to Cripple Peak, leaving the Fortress to fall in Ruins.

In 2493 IC a Chaos Dwarf slaving expedition encounters a High Elf Army, who had been looking for Anurell's tomb and had already been attacked by Hobgoblins, at the southern edge of the Plain of Bones.


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