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Plaguebitten is the Empire Chapter 14 Kill Quest.

  • Task: Kill 60 "Plaguebite Wolves", which actually includes both the Plaguebite Wolf and the Plaguebite Howlers (level 29-30 Wolf). These mobs are widely dispersed both west and south of the collector's camp.
    • These Wolves can be found all along the southern coast of the river (from 26k,42k to 3k, 43k), as well as spread throughout the hills to the south with a cluster just east of Unterbaum Castle at loc 36k, 55k.
    • Char the Malformed (a level 29 Champion) roams around the cluster near the castle. He is easy to avoid if you keep an eye out for him.
  • Reward: Nothing beyond the per-kill reward of 310xp each.
  • Kill Collector: Mary Delarue who is located on top of a hill at the Empire Chapter 14 camp at Unterbaum Cemetery in Talabecland and can be found at the coordinates 47k, 43k.

Tradeskill Notes Edit

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