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As of the current version (1.3), the type of pigment you receive is based solely on the level of the seed you start with. The type of seed has no effect. For example, Honeycomb Extract can be produced from any Level 1 or Level 25 seed. The following table summarizes the information.

Apothecary Skill Name Makes Seed level required
1 Honeycomb Extract Golden Yellow Dye 1, 25
1 Resinous Brown Extract Scorched Brown Dye 50, 75
1 Verdant Leaf Extract Goblin Green Dye 100, 125
1 Blue Bottle Fly Extract Seaguard Blue Dye 150, 175
1 Fiery Red Ant Extract Red Gore Dye 200
1 Crushed Violet Petal Extract Liche Purple Dye 200

To get a pigment, you must get a "Special Moment" while harvesting.

Pigments from Butchering:

Marrow Meal - Dark Ivory

Reflective Scale - Dark Sea Blue

Rotting Innards - Dark Peach

Leathery Flesh - Dark Sage

Cranial Slurry - Dark Red

Blackened Blood - Dark Purple

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