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Bestiary unlock for Keeper of Secrets.

Chat log text: You examine the skeleton and it appears that it was just thrown down from above, callously discarded like trash. The cleanness of the bones suggest that the skeleton was thrown down already picked clean. What would do that to a person and then discard the bones is a mystery. You do the right thing and toss the bones into the surf below. This secret will have to be kept for now until you can discover its origins.


Use the skeleton labeled "Discarded Bones" at 47.2, 2.1. (Skeleton disappears when used, respawning after 2 minutes.)


Unknown. Possibly same as Destruction, but needs testing.

  • edit* Does not work for Order at those coords 12//10/2011


Title: Herald of Temperance

XP: 204

Discarded Bones (2)
Discarded Bones

Location info from this WHA post.

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