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Phoenix Gate takes place on the hills of Ellyrion where Dark Elves and High Elves try to capture their hated enemy's banners in a struggle for morale! Capture the enemy banner to earn points! If both banners are held, break the stalemate by dropping the enemy banner off at the bridge for a small victory! Doing so will cause both banners to reset.

The scenario is current inaccessible, apart from during the Battle at the Gate Live Event.


  • Scenario type: Capture the Flag
  • Scoring: Taking the flag and returning it to home base gains victory points, as does killing enemy players.
  • Winning Score: 500
  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Player Levels: 10-21
  • Extra score: 600 Renown / 6.000 Experience victory bonus
  • Leveling: Poor experience gains from this RvR scenario. Due to the ability to turtle up at flags, games with less than 100 points on both sides and lasting the full 15 minutes seems to be the default for this scenario. 2 points is awarded per kill while taking the opposing side's flag back gives a team 100 points. Probably the very worst scenario for sheer leveling purposes.

Terrain Edit

Terrain consists of two bases at either end of the map containing the flags for each side, a wall a decent distance away from the base, fencing in a narrow valley leading up to the flag. A river runs through the middle of the map, dividing the two areas. There is a bridge crossing the river and it can also be swam across. Siege engines, both indirect fire and direct fire sit on the hills, overlooking a small portion of the valley, the path leading to it from the center of the map, and the bridge and beyond.

Tactics Edit

Generally it is best to have around a third of your team defending and the rest attacking. Try not to get into a extended fight near the bridge, which often turns into a chokepoint keep moving to the flag. The walls on either side if the valley provide a nice place for Ranged DPS and Support to stand while guarding your base. Siege engines are also nearby if you are on these valley walls.

It is important to keep up the defense at your own flag, do not let the defense team get carried away and rush after a small group of attackers just to see your flag be taken away from you during the distraction.

When one grabs the enemy team's flag, the person has the option of running it back through the middle, left, or right. Generally, the middle is the most obvious path and should probably be avoided to due how easy it is to be seen by the enemy team.

Note that the flag runner is able to flee while carrying the flag as well.

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