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Path of the Scout Edit

All mastery points in this career path increase the damage of:

  • Acid Arrow
  • Flame Arrow
  • Rapid Fire
  • Throat Shot
  • Eagle Eye

Mastery Point dependent career tactic/skill/morale abilities:

  • Enchanted Arrows (tactic) - 3MP
    Flame Arrow and Festering Arrow will now bypass all of your victim's resistances.
  • Glass Arrow (skill) - 5MP
    Deals 148 damage to your target. On contact, it will shatter, dealing 405 damage to all enemies over 15 seconds within 30 feet of the target.
  • Leading Shots (tactic) - 7MP
    Any time you critically hit with a ranged attack, your group's chances to critically hit will be increased by 15% for 10 seconds, but this will not affect you.
  • Guerrilla Training (tactic) - 11MP
    Reduces the action point costs of all abilities within the Path Of The Scout by 35%.
  • Fell the Weak (skill) - 13MP
    Deals 399 damage if your target is below 20% hit points, or 199 damage otherwise.
    If you are Vengeful, then all healing effects used on the target will be 50% weaker for 5 seconds.
  • Rain of Steel (morale) - 15MP
    You repeatedly shoot arrows at the ground for 10 seconds, dealing 240 damage every second to all enemies within 30 feet of that spot.

Skills Edit

Acid Arrow

35 AP ; 5-100ft range; 1.5s cast ; 5s cooldown

An attack which deals X damage. Reduces your target's armor by Y and reduces their chance to block by 10% for 10s.

(At level 13, X=90 and Y=321)

Flame Arrow

40 AP ; 5-80ft range; 2s cast ; 10s cooldown

An Ailment which deals X Elemental damage to your target then explodes, dealing an additional Y damage over 9s to the target and all other enemies within 20ft of them.

(At level 13, X=99 and Y=138)

 ! Edit

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