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"The blood shall be a sign for you on the houses where you live; and when I see the blood I will pass over you, and no plague will befall you to destroy you when I strike the land..."
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A Patch, also called a Game Update is an update to WAR which fixes bugs, changes the game's content or makes other changes to WAR. Patches are intended to improve the experience in WAR for all.

Patches are distinct from Hotfixes in that they require extended downtime to implement and contain more and larger changes. Hotifixes contain minor changes and bug fixes, and occur much more frequently, they also do not update the game's version.

The current version of WAR (related to the most recent patch) can be found on HammerWiki's main page.

Please note that as the original release of WAR counted as version 1.0.0, subsequent patches increment this number by 0.0.1 for smaller updates or 0.1 for larger ones.


Patch Hotfixes Date
Game Update 1.4.7 18 September 2012
Game Update 1.4.6 24 June 2012
Game Update 1.4.5a 6 March 2012
Game Update 1.4.5 30 January 2012
Game Update 1.4.4 13 September 2011
Game Update 1.4.3 28 June 2011
Game Update 1.4.2 19 April 2011
Game Update 1.4.1 January 2011
Game Update 1.4.0 November 2010
Game Update 1.3.6 August 2010
Game Update 1.3.5 Hot Fixes May 2010
Game Update 1.3.3 Hot Fixes December 2009
Game Update 1.3.2 Hot Fixes November 2009
Game Update 1.3.1 Hot Fixes August 2009
Game Update 1.3.0b Hot Fixes July 2009
Game Update 1.3 Hot Fixes June 2009
Game Update 1.2.1 Hot Fixes April 2009
Game Update 1.2.0 March 2009
Game Update 1.1.1 Hot Fixes February 2009
Game Update 1.1.0d December 2008
Game Update 1.1.0c December 2008
Game Update 1.1.0b December 2008
Game Update 1.1.0a December 2008
Game Update 1.0.6 December 2008
Game Update 1.0.5 November 2008
Game Update 1.0.4b October 2008
Game Update 1.0.4 October 2008
Game Update 1.0.3 October 2008
Game Update 1.0.2 October 2008
Game Update 1.0.1 Hot Fixes 2 October 2008
Game Update 1.0 Hot Fixes 26 September 2008

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