Out in the Open II

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Out in the Open II

Order Kill Player Quest
Zone Nordland
Start Wilhelm Svartzen
End Wilhelm Svartzen
Previous Out in the Open I


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"The Witch Hunters worry too much about the forces of Chaos that might be hidden within our midst. Why chase shadows when the bloody beasts are knocking on our front door!"

"We are a stone's throw from the front line, with plenty of foul Northmen and daemons to kill, yet we have warriors interrogating peasants! Peasants!"

"Every variety of mutation, daemonic influence, or vile sorcery that can be found this side of a blood moon is out on parade! We have only to venture out and kill them. I don't know what others hope to find grunging about in back alleys, but I know that every manner of wickedness lies in wait on the field of battle. A true warrior would seek his honor out there."

- Wilhelm Svartzen

Out in the Open II is a Tier 1 Order Quest that begins in Breuer's Regiment, in northern Nordland. It is only available to players that have applied a key code from a Collector's Edition of the game to their accounts.

Particulars Edit

  • Venture into the battlefield and kill the enemies of the Empire. Return to Wilhelm Svartzen when successful.

Objectives Edit

In-Progress Text Edit

"You return so soon? You're barely bleeding yet! There is more corruption to fight! More abominations to burn!"

"When you have fought the Legions of Chaos long enough to require flame to purify your body of foul growths, then I will know that you are a true champion of the Empire."

- Wilhelm Svartzen

Completion Text Edit

"Had your fill of real fighting, eh?"

"I suppose you've proved loyal enough for today. Only a true warrior of the Empire would have made the point of killing so many of our foes. From the towering Chosen, to the gibbering Zealots, our enemy drips with the taint of madness and mutation. Each has found their own method for channeling the twisted powers that suffuse them."

"We are the champions of the Empire, the blessed of Sigmar, and we have nothing to fear. There are none who can stand against us. A simple man with a hand weapon is all that is necessary to strike down any foe!"

- Wilhelm Svartzen

Rewards Edit

Quest Progression Edit

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