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Otto von Drak was the last of the von Drak Counts who ruled from Castle Drakenhof over the surrounding Empire province of Sylvania. He is most famed for marrying his daughter Isabella von Drak to Vlad von Carstein, the famous von Carstein Vampire, upon his death bed.

Otto, like many of his family, was a madman, decadent and corrupt. The nobles of Sylvania had little respect for his authority. He ruled over the citizens by the power of fear for he was known for putting the heads of peasants on stakes at the slightest provocation. When drunk, he was heard to claim being Sigmar reborn.

On his death bed he was without male heir and, cursing the gods, he vowed that he would rather marry his daughter to a Daemon of Chaos than let his brother Leopold inherit. The words had not left his lips, or a black coach halted in front of Drakenhof and out stepped Vlad von Carstein who claimed Isabella's hand. Otto, maybe regretting his bold words, complied. Moments after they were married, Otto died.

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