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"The blood shall be a sign for you on the houses where you live; and when I see the blood I will pass over you, and no plague will befall you to destroy you when I strike the land..."
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Zone Info
Realm: Order
Army: Order of the Griffon
Tier: 2
Paired with: Troll Country
Ostland map
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Ostland is a northeastern province of the Empire, and is the tier 2 home zone for the Order of the Griffon.


The Grand Principality of Ostland is bordered to the east by the nation of Kislev, to the north by the Sea of Claws, and to the south and west by the Middle Mountains. Ostland is a realm of damp, creeping mists and shifting shadows, and is covered almost entirely by the dark canopy of the Forest of Shadows. The people of this land have learned to carve out a rugged life among the ancient trees, clearing patches of land for their farms and settlements, and keeping a watchful eye on the dark depths of the forest.

The military colours of Ostland are black and white, perhaps reflecting the Ostlanders stark outlook on the way of things. The people of Ostland are loyal citizens and devout followers of Sigmar, and they are well known throughout the Empire for their steadfast and stubborn nature. Time and again over the centuries, the famed Ostlander stubbornness has been tested and proved true in the face of invasion from the forces of Chaos. The Forest of Shadows conceals the remnants of a thousand battles, and the province has been ransacked by invaders dozens of times. On each occasion the people of Ostland have fought to defend their land with enviable resilience.

PvE ContentEdit

Tome of KnowledgeEdit

Information on Tome of Knowledge unlocks / achievements in Ostland:

Public Quests and ChaptersEdit

Order Public Quests

Empire Chapter 7
Empire Chapter 8
Empire Chapter 9

Destruction Public Quests

Chaos Chapter 5
Chaos Chapter 6
Chaos Chapter 7

RvR ContentEdit

Battleground objectives




Ostland map

Map over the Ostland zone

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Gamepressure Atlas

WARDB zone information

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