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Note: this info is taken from existing WH materials, and may or may not be accurate for the Witch Hunter career.

The Sigmarite Witch Hunter is a member of the Holy Order of the Templars of Sigmar (Order of Sigmar for short), which serves as one of the militant arms of the Cult of Sigmar, and as a law enforcement organization for the Empire. As such, the Order of Sigmar operates under the joint supervision of the Grand Theogonist (although the Theogonist's many duties often makes this post more official than practical when dealing with day-to-day policy) and the Emperor (although the same restrictions apply). This arrangement prevents either the Church or State from gaining too much power through misuse of the powers of the Witch Hunters.

Up until the deposing of Thaddeus Gamow, the Order was lead by a Lord Protector. Following his removal on suspicion of heresy, the Order was re-organized on a more decentralized plan: the Empire was divided into the Northern, Southern, and Eastern Districts, each District commanded by a Witch Hunter General.

While each District is semi-autonomous in its activity, the Order is generally organized into a quasi-military hierarchy defined by rank and responsibility:

  • Witch Hunter General - Officer, responsible for an entire District of Chapter Houses.
  • Witch Hunter Captain – Officer, responsible for maintaining a Chapter House.
  • Witch Hunter Templar – field agent of the Order, the archetypal Witch Hunter. Field agents operate rather autonomously, hunting down whatever targets they seek to destroy on their own, often accompanied by a small retinue of followers. However, Templars do use the Chapter Houses regularly as places to rest, resupply, share information, house prisoners, cooperate with Brothers or Sisters in need of assistance, and receive orders from their superiors.
  • Apprentice – trainee of the Order, assigned to a Templar or a Chapter House to learn the physical skills, spiritual discipline, and esoteric knowledge needed to seek out and destroy Chaos.

In addition to Apprentices, a Witch Hunter might have many different kinds of followers in their retinue (although these retinues tend to be smaller than those of the Inquisition in WH40K). These kinds of followers include:

  • Mercenaries - act as bodyguards, additional military support.
  • Priests and Warrior Priests - provide religious protection.
  • Licensed Wizards - Witch Hunters are rather divided about the use of magic. Many of the more conservative Witch Hunters view all magic as the work of Chaos and think the Empire would be a better place if every Wizard were to be burnt. However, the more radical Witch Hunters argue that you need to fight fire with fire and bring along Licensed Wizards in their retinue to help them fight the supernatural threats of Chaos.
  • zealots, flagellants and other followers - similar to their brothers-in-arms the Warrior Priests, Witch Hunters often attract and make use of particularly pious (or unhinged) believers of Sigmar in their retinue, both to help spread the correct doctrines of the faith regarding Chaos, Mutants, Heretics, and so forth, and also to lend their unique battle-frenzy to the cause.

In addition to the traveling retinues of the individual Templar, the Chapter Houses of the Order require a large staff to keep the Order functioning smoothly. Some of these civilian assistants include:

  • Preceptors - teachers, often priests or monks of Sigmar, who help train Apprentice Witch Hunters.
  • Chief librarian, scribes and sacristans - these learned men are responsible for recording, maintaining, and researching through the vast amount of written records that the Order compiles. Everything from forbidden texts that list the true names of Greater Demons to the transcripts of interrogations, to the mission reports of returning Templars, and many more mundane documents besides are stored in the Libraries of the Chapter Houses. These stores of information are one of the mightiest weapons the Order has against the minions of the Ruinous Powers.
  • Sister-aids, artisans and laborers, domestics - sister-aids are the nurses, often priestesses or nuns of Shallya, who provide medical care for wounded or diseased Witch Hunters and their staffs; artisans and laborers keep the buildings of the Order in repair, and domestics keep them clean.
  • cellarer, animal trainers - Cellarers are responsible for the provisioning of the chapter houses (and the maintenance of the gaol cells), and animal trainers are responsible for the keep of the various horses, messenger pigeons, bloodhounds, and other useful animals.

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