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For lore information see Orc

Tome Unlocks Edit

Order Only

Task Rewards Order Text
Encounter an Orc XP:84 N/A
Kill 25 Orcs XP:204 N/A
Complete a Greenskin Scenario Title:The Mangler, XP:336 Enter a Greenskin Scenario
Kill 100 Orcs XP:500 N/A
Kill 1,000 Orcs Trophy: Greenskin Grappler, One Pip, XP: 806 N/A
The History of the Orcs Title: The Orc Flayer , XP:1254 Perform a specific task to learn about Orcs
Kill 10,000 Orcs

Trophy: Greenskin Grappler, Two Pips, XP: 1476

Kill 100,000 Orcs Trophy: Greenskin Grappler, Three Pips, XP: ???  ???
Vanquish the Greenskins Fortress Lord Title: Grugni's Chosen, XP: 1800 Vanquish the Greenskins Fortress Lord
 ???  ???  ???

Destruction Only

Task Rewards Destruction Text
Complete a Greenskin Scenario Title: The Mangler, XP: 336 Enter a Greenskin Scenario
The History of the Orcs Title: The Orc Flayer, XP: 1254 Perform a specific task to learn about Orcs

Tome Text Edit

Orcs are the largest of the greenskin species. They are bigger, more aggressive, and more muscular than their smaller cousins, the Goblins, Hobgoblins, and tiny Snotlings.

Orcs are not bright by any means, but they do possess and animalistic awareness of social structure. They are bullies who impose their will on anyone they feel is weaker than they.

There is nothing an Orc loves to do more than fight. If they lack proper opponents, they will fight amongst themselves. Such battles are always bloody affairs, for Orcs are fearsome foes, even when wounded. They feel no pain and fear nothing.

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