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Creature Info
Type Humanoids
Sub-Type Greenskins
Variants: Unknown
Level range: Unknown

The Orcs are the most common of the Greenskin sub-species. They stand slightly taller than a man, but are wider and heavier. A typical orc can use his bare hands, which are the size of a man’s head, to tear a man limb from limb. Orcs are proficient fighters, faster than you would expect and incredibly vicious. An average warrior can not stand against them one on one. This physical power is backed by a primal, instinctive cunning, which naturally gives orcs a good grasp of combat skills and tactics. In general, orcs live to fight. When not campaigning against other races they fight other tribes in minor turf wars, have civil wars within their tribes, or engage in sports. These sports usually take the form of physical competitions, such as runt throwing, boar and chariot racing, or drinking matches.

The orc mindset is a solid one. It is focused on three things. Respect, brutality, and hatred. Respect to anyone bigger and better than them, hatred to any problems they have, and brutality to solve them. The respect is the least apparent or expected, but it is true. Orcs do have a measure of respect for great or successful warriors, orcish or otherwise. The orcs are also devoted to their gods - Gork and Mork - even though their religion rarely requires any active ritual or worship.

When going to war, the traditional weapon of the orcs is the choppa. A choppa can take many forms, but is usually an incredibly large chopping blade, that most humans would struggle to use two handed, but that orcs can swing with one. These crudely edged weapons are more used for crushing an enemy than cutting as such, relying on the brute strength of the wielder to smash the target. Some orcs prefer two such weapons, others a choppa and shield, some a larger choppa for using two-handed. However, it is very rare that a variant of the choppa is not a main weapon, the one exception being when mounted on a War Boar, at which point many orcs would choose the spear.

The anatomy and physics of the orcs have puzzled scholars around the world for centuries on end. The common Orc is about as tall as an average man. They would be far taller, had they not from birth been hunched over to a degree which causes the enormous head the size of a regular human's torso be found between the broad shoulders. The green skin covering the Orc's body is thicker than that of men, and is said to feel greasy or even waxy to the touch. This is most likely also the cause of their lessened sensitivity to pain and injury.

But the most mysterious thing about the Orcs and all other Greenskins alike is forever to be their manner of reproduction. Orcs and Goblins have retained their way of life for as long as any other race in the known world, and yet noone knows exactly how an Orc is born, or how they grow up. Some theories have been circulating in learned societies that the baleful Snotlings are actually infant Orcs, even though they are more like the Goblins in appearance. But even if this is true, it only brings science a few steps closer to the truth, as nobody has ever witnessed the birth of a Greenskin of any sort, and nobody has ever in the history of civilization itself seen nor heard of any sign proving the existence of a female Orc.

Tome Unlocks Edit

For tome unlocks see Orc (Bestiary)

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