One Part Agony, Three Parts Cold Wought Iron

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Order & DestructionEdit

High Pass:

  • Enter the Tomb of the Traitor at approx 5k, 39k. Pick up the Flayer-Kin's Scaling Chains from the body of a Dead Flayerkin located at approx 1.5k, 41.5k inside the tomb. If you are in a group the respawn time on the corpse is about 2 minutes.
  • Inside a cave around 10k, 49k can be found another Dead Flayerkin, this time you will get Flayerkin Hooks when you click on it.

West Praag:


Finally, bring the items to Kreelik of Clan Moulder by the central campfire in Korzah's Assault (Chaos Chapter 17) in Praag at 6700,9900. You will receive the unlock and see the text:

Very good (Race)...very good! There will be more Flayer-Kin to go over the walls, walls of your enemies. Why you don't go under walls instead is the question.


Click Breitenhoff the Faithfull at Lieberholz's Command at 12.5k/57.5k Praag (Empire Chapter 17).


Title: The Flayer


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