Olfgin Steelhand

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Olfgin Steelhand

Olfgin Steelhand

Rank 10 Quest Giver
Realm Order
Species Dwarf
Gender Male
Zone Mount Bloodhorn
Subzone Skalfson's Watch
Coordinates 40900, 16800

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Order Friendly

Aye, a hammer has a mighty boom when the flat of it hits bone, but it isn't much like the boom you'll hear from a carefully placed keg of blasting powder!

- Olfgin Steelhand

Olfgin Steelhand is a Dwarf Hammer found at Dragonbone Pass, in Mount Bloodhorn. He oversees a substantial quantity of black powder, rationing it to the Oathbearer forces in the region as needed.

Quests Edit

Why did we Dwarfs ever share the secrets of black powder with the manlings? It won't be long before they blow up the whole of the Old World.

- Olfgin Steelhand

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