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Far to the east of the Old World, past the Dark Lands and in the Mountains of Mourn is a savage region consisting of frozen and desolate mountains, predominantly inhabited by large clans of Ogres. These "Ogre Kingdoms" are loosely organized into a number of small empires and kingdoms, each separate from the others. While their society is described as being brutish and barbaric, Ogres are shown as being capable of dwelling among members of other races, and as being better accepted by others than some of Warhammer's more brutal races.

Ogre cultureEdit

Ogre den concept

An Ogre den in the Lost Vale.

The ogre culture is described as being oriented around eating, and as such, most ogres sport large guts and they worship a god known as The Great Maw. It appears to be a vast creature that was released from a comet intended to destroy the Ogre Kingdoms near Cathay. It ate many of the inhabitants of the Ogre Kingdoms and is said to have passed through the centre of the world (it appears that another Great Maw exists in the sea on the other side of the world, in the form of a giant whirlpool that sucks in passing ships). The ogres venerate and fear it in equal measure. The priests of the Great Maw, known as Butchers and Slaughtermasters, also fulfill the roles of cooks for their respective tribes and supervise their religious holidays, which consist (mainly, and some times solely) of gigantic banquets and pit fights.

The overall leader of each kingdom is known as the Tyrant. Young bull ogres challenge him for the leadership of the tribe. These challenges take the form of duels which take place in the tribe's 'maw-pit', a stake-lined pit into which pieces of red meat are thrown, as an offering for their god.

In 'friendly' fights, over some food for example, the forfeit for losing is generally an ear or a couple of fingers given up to the winner as a victory snack. In serious duels, such as a challenge for tyranthood of the tribe, the loser becomes the victor's next meal.

The ogres are a primitive culture and most of their equipment is made from scavenged scrap metal, loot from their adventures, or is crafted by the Chaos Dwarfs of Zharr Naggrund in exchange for Gnoblar slaves. That which they do create is made from the hides and bones of various tundra-dwelling creatures, such as mammoths, sabertooth cats and wooly rhinoxen. The ogres hunt these creatures for food as well. Elaborately carved clubs are one of the few weapons that Ogres often craft themselves.

Storytelling is also quite common amongst Ogres, especially Maneaters. Ogres love to tell others of his/her life story. However, most of the story is false. Many have exaggerated (or not) about how a maneater's greatest ability is to tell long, boring life stories.

Ogres also believe in an almost ancient tale of how the Ogres beat up and ate the entire Skytitan race, also known as giants. Skytitans ruled the Mountains of Mourn with benevolence, until the Ogres came. Skytitans are described to have lived in massive castles built atop the highest mountains, coming down only to tend to the mammoth flocks. Once the Ogres were through with them their once great palaces are turned into either rubble or defiled mess halls filled with troughs for the tribe. The mammoths are all but consumed by the Ogres.

The ogres are served by Gnoblars, a small species of Greenskin. They are smaller than typical goblins, and play the role of pets, servants and, on the battlefield, cannon fodder. Gnoblars don't make good eating - Ogres find they don't have enough meat on them. Many ogres pick a favorite gnoblar, and it is identified by the bite mark that is bestowed upon its right ear. In a dispute over the ownership of a gnoblar it is customary for both ogres to take a bite out of the left ear - who the bite matches is clearly the owner. It is considered a grave insult to eat an ogres favorite gnoblar, and in fact it was this mistake that cost Skrag the Slaughterer to lose his hands after his tyrant cut them off and fed them to him as punishment for serving his gnoblar as a meal.

Ogre HistoryEdit

Thousands of years before the present day the Ogres lived in the lush steppes west of Cathay. The lands were fertile with rolling green pastures providing grazing land for the herbivourous animals that the Ogres ate. Most Ogres lived as nomads, with the first tribes warring amongst each other. It was not long until the Ogres reached the borders of Cathay, the human inhabitants of the great empire, known by the Ogres as sunrisers, taught the nomad tribes the secret of fire and in return the largest and strongest Ogres joined the Imperial Army. Whilst the Ogre culture grew it strayed closer toward the borders of Cathay and eventually Ogre raids spilled into Cathayan towns, the greedy Ogres eating peasant children and savaging outlying farms. This did not rub off well on the Celestial Dragon Emperor of Cathay and relations between the humans and Ogres worsened.

The Coming of the MawEdit

Soon after the Ogres began eating Cathayan children a large toothed comet appeared in the sky, just as the visions of Groth Onefinger had predicted. The object grew larger each day, even eclipsing the moons of the world, Morrislieb and Mannsleib, before it crashed straight into the Ogre homelands. two-thirds of the Ogre population was either crushed by the impact of the comet or eaten by the creature that remained, though if they had survived they would have seen the comet burrow deeper into the world.

The Maw had destroyed the verdant plains of the Ogre homelands and the Ogre tribes soon began to starve, turning onto to each other in a cannabilistic fury. The Ogres believed an enraged God had destroyed their homeland, an all-devouring Maw that lived only to feast. The Ogre soon knew they had to leave the devastated steppes, and the Tyrants led their tribes west towards the Mountains of Mourn. There was one Ogre Tyrant, however, who did not head towards the Mountains and instead led his tribe towards the radiated lands where the comet had struck. This Ogre was called Groth Onefinger, Prophet of the Great Maw and it was he who first saw the god of the Ogres. When Groth reached the site of the impact he found what is known to every Ogre today and depicted a thousand times on gut-plates and banners; a massive hole in the ground lined by layer upon layer of massive, razor-sharp teeth and convulsing muscle that stretched deep into the world. The Maw remains even now, a vile god forever feeding on any who stray too close to it's mouth. To this day Ogres still follow in Groth's footsteps, travelling across the World to find the Great Maw, some Ogres even claim that in the seas on the other side of the world, the Great Maw is an enourmous fanged whirlpool that devours ships and fleets the stray too close. Ogres build massive maw-pits in all their settlements, altars to the Great Maw, massive pits leading into a network of underground tunnels, the mouths lined with stakes and teeth into which the Ogres throw sacrifices of meat and bone.

The Ogre KingdomsEdit

When the Ogre tribes reached the Mountains of Mourn and at the highest peaks found the fortresses of the Skytitans. The Skytitans are the precursors of the Giants. The Skytitans were destroyed, their fortresses demolished and their children beaten, captured and chained to become the Slavegiants. The Ogres then set about establishing tribal boundaries in the Mountains, the Ogre Kingdoms were created and the beasts of the mountains were hunted by the Ogres. The mountains however soon affected the Ogre biology, some Ogre-children were born with no paunch and sacrificed to the Great Maw, becoming the stinking Gorgers and some becoming creatures of the ice, fierce beasts and peak dwellers, presumably the Yhetees. The Ogres soon attracted the attention of the Gnoblars, small pale-green creatures who the Ogres found too stringy to eat and as such made them pets and slaves. Soon after the discovery of the Gnoblars the Ogres encountered human caravan trails, which bore a great many treasures and riches. The Ogres attacked and plundered these caravans, eating the guards and pack-animals and hoarding the loot they found. The Ogres now migrate across the Badlands, heading across the world to seek wealth, riches and gluttony in the name of the Great Maw.

Famous OgresEdit

Greasus GoldtoothEdit

Tradelord Greasus Tribestealer Drakecrush Hoardmaster Goldtooth the Shockingly Obese, to give him his full title, is the Overtyrant of all the Ogre tribes along the Silver Road through the Mountains of Mourn. Greasus was one of sons of the Tyrant of the Vale of Titans, Gofg. Greasus grew, like his brothers to be incredibly strong and fat but unlike his brother killed and ate his father.

Greasus became Tyrant of his tribe and immediatley demanded nearby tribes pay him a tithe, although the Tyrants refused to pay up, with little knowledge of who they were dealing with. Greasus conquered one tribe singlehandedly during the tribes Great Feast of Midwinter. Greasus scaled the mountain above the tribe's great hall and threw boulders and rocks off the mountain until he started an avalanche burying all members of the tribe alive. The second Tyrant to question Greasus' taxes was Gut Badmouth. Greasus visited Gut's tribe in spring solstice and and challenged Badmouth to a guts-out pit fight. Gut, who was older and larger, agreed but soon saw his folly. Greasus threw himself, his "Shockingly obese" gut smashed straight into Gut Badmouth and broke his neck instantly. After this event the Tyrants of the tribes surrounding Greasus' territory decided he was quite a reasonable fellow after all and joined Greasus, forging the kingdom of the Overtyrant.

Nowadays, Greasus is so rich and powerful that he barely needs to kill anything to assert his authority any more, preferring to recline on a bed of Gnoblars and eat his way through a variety of large animals instead. When battle calls, however, Greasus will galvanise his Gnoblars into action and march to war, the Sceptre of the Titans held high above his head, ready to descend upon all those who stand in his path.

Skrag the SlaughtererEdit

Skrag the Slaughter, or the Gore-Harvester and Maw that Walks as he is also known, is considered by many to be the prophet of The Great Maw, dragging his massive meat-pot behind him as he slaughters his way across the land, relying on gut-Gnoblars to pick up the pieces and throw them into the pot. Skrag was once the Slaughtermaster of Arch-Tyrant Bron Rockgrinder until he accidentaly cooked Bron's favourite Gnoblar and presented it to the Arch-Tyrant at the tribe's Great Feast. The Tyrant, in a bad-tempered rage, had Skrag's hands cut off and eaten and then banished Skrag to the underground network of tunnels below the mountains, chaining the meat pot Skrag used to cook the treasured Gnoblar on his back.

Skrag refused to be down-hearted by the turn of events and shoved the stubs on the end of his arms into his butchers implements, using the two large, rusted cleaving-hooks as weapons in the Gorger eat Gorger world underneath the ground. In the pitch dark of the endless labyrinth Skrag was set upon by by a pack of starving Gorgers. Skrag cut and hacked at the assailants wildy until they were all sliced and diced finely. After this was done Skrag faced the monstrosity that led the Gorgers. Skrag ripped out the monstrosities throat with his teeth, the other Gorgers then came to respect Skrag as one of their own. Skrag led his Gorgers up the tunnel network toward the sealed entrance into the outside world. In the middle of the night Skrag and his pack emerged in Rockgrinder maw-pit and, in a revenge driven frenzy, started his own cannibalistic great feast as he and his Gorgers set upon the Ogres, killing, cooking and eating until each and everyone was dead and digested. Skrag even pulled Bron Rockgrinder himself apart and boiled him in his meat-pot as a sacrifice to The Great Maw. Skrag now roams the world with his Gorgers ever-present killing and butchering in the name of their god.

Associated creatures Edit

The armies of the Ogre Kingdoms also contain some related species and other creatures who are subservient to the Ogres.

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