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Buffle Ogre

Sketch of an Ogre Bull

Ogres are the inhabitants of the Ogre Kingdoms, located within the northern reaches of the Mountains of Mourn. They are a brutish and war-like race of nomads who were forced from their homes in the Eastern Steppes near Cathay by their God, The Great Maw.

Ogre society revolves around food and eating. Ogres are able to eat anything and anyone, destroying or re-using anything they can't eat. The strength of an Ogre is determined by the size of his gut, the larger an Ogre the higher up the social ladder he his. Greasus Goldtooth, the Overtyrant of the Ogre Kingdoms is so fat he must be carried on his ornate throne by a horde of Gnoblar slaves. The Ogres worship The Great Maw, a massive mouth that carries an innate hunger. Ogre shaman, known as Butchers, use the energies of the Great Maw to bestow benefits upon Ogres during battle, with the powerful Tyrants and Bruisers leading the Ogres on the frontline.

Ogres are also famed travellers, and can be found all across the world in small groups of Mercenaries, offering their services to paying customers, not fussy who they fight for or against as long as they get a good meal in the bargain.

Ogre BiologyEdit

Ogres are normally ten feet tall, about half as wide and with stout, brawny arms and legs. The fleshy body of an Ogre is topped with a gruff, snarling visage (with little in the way of neck to separate the two). Typical Ogres are completely bald, though many cultivate beards specially designed to catch morsels of food that don't fall into an Ogres mouth. The Ogre's gut, contrary to popular belief, is composed mainly of muscle as opposed to fat. The stomach of an Ogre occupies most if it's body and is able to digest even the hardest materials, such as bone or rock, and can expand greatly depending on how much the Ogre has eaten. A number of highly corrosive acids are found in an ogres stomach which help to boost the Ogre's incredible digestive capacity.

Ogre teeth are extremely powerful and deeply rooted in an Ogre's jaw, the normal Ogre carries a variety of molars, saw-like teeth and larger tusks. The Ogres possess large hearts and lungs, allowing them to live comfortably in the high altitude of the Mountains of Mourn. Predictably an Ogre's brain is tiny, protected by a skull inches thick.

Ogre CultureEdit

Ogre den concept

An Ogre den in the Lost Vale.

Ogre society is predominately patriarchal, the stronger and fatter Ogres seeing themselves as superior to the smaller, weaker Ogres. A strong and powerful Ogre can have what he likes from a weaker Ogre and a weaker Ogre will always obey the commands of a stronger, larger Ogre. Ogres often go to great lengths to prove their prowess, although their social status can easily be determined by the size of their gut. An ogre with a wide girth is considered powerful and wealthy as he must have eaten much to attain his physique. Ogres often participate in large feasts, prepared by the Tribe's Slaughtermaster or Butcher. During these large feasts Ogres can challenge each other to games of strength, often involving forms of combat, both armed and un-armed, where the loser will either die or be eaten by the winner; It is through these pit fights new Tyrants are crowned, if one Ogre defeats an Ogre of higher social status they will often assume control of their position.

Ogres traditionally wear a large and ornate gut-plate over their stomachs, often their only form of protection in combat, a gut-plate will often be improved by the addition of studs, spikes and the remains of dead animals, or humanoids alternatively. Apart from the gut-plate Ogres wear large, baggy, trousers with steel-capped boots and sometimes even makeshift helmets formed from battered and beaten scraps of metal or shields. All Ogres carry a large club, it is an unwise Ogre who would lose his; not only are clubs valuable weapons they are also, along with his gut-plate, the Ogres most prized possession. A basic Ogre club will be a large piece of wood, though more often they are enhanced with studs, spikes, bundles of rock and skulls or teeth. Other popular weapons among the Ogres include the ironfist, a metal gauntlet that has a variety of spikes or studs attached to the ends. The ironfist is used as both a crude shield and a weapon. Some Ogres also wield rusted, and most often stolen, Cathayan Greatswords as if they were mere shortswords; some Ogres even carry massive wrought-iron cannons as if they were handguns!

Ogres organise themselves into tribes, showing their allegiance with crude-warpaint on their skin of gut-plates. Each tribe is ruled by the strongest, most powerful and the fattest Ogre Tyrant in the tribe. All the tribes in the Ogre Kingdoms answer to Greasus Goldtooth, the strongest and widest Ogre in the world and Overtyrant of the Ogre Kingdoms.

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