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News - - Wednesday, January 16, 2008 Edit

The 2007 Greeny's @

James Nichols

Have a favorite fansite you like to haunt while you wait eagerly from Warhammer to arrive?

Show your pride at as they host the 2007 Greeny's - WAR Community Awards.

From the site:

“What exactly are The Greenys,” you ask? Let me tell you!
The Greenys is an annual awards ceremony not unlike the Emmys or Oscars but instead of showcasing television and film, The Greeny Awards promote the best Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning community sites in five major categories (from the past year). These are sites that share lots of useful information and provide interesting discussion material for rabid WAR fans!
Rather than prescribe arbitrary criteria and risk showing favoritism, I’ve opened nominations and voting to WAR fans everywhere.

For all the rules and how to nominate your favorite site visit

We'd like to thank every fansite for all of the hardwork and dedication you put in day after day!

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