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Archived news items from July to September 2007 Edit

News - - Friday, September 28, 2007 Edit

(Video) WAR in Leipzig, live it as if you were there!

A video presentation from the GOA stand during the Leipzig Games Convention!

One month since the Games Convention at Leipzig, a record of 185,000 visitors has been announced! As you can imagine, the Goa stand was visited by many thousands of gamers who came to discover – or rediscover – Warhammer® online: Age of Reckoning™ as well as an exclusive presentation of the Elves!

Many thousands of players came to stay with us over the five days and experienced many surprises, received special gifts and got to meet the Goa team and our guests from EA Mythic – including Paul Barnett and Jeff Hickman.

Now you can relive those crazy days or find out what you missed in our video reportage from the WAR stand at the heart of the show - as if you were right there!

You can find the video here.

News - - Wednesday, September 20, 2007 Edit

WAR Witch Hunter @ IGN Tokyo Game Show Coverage

James Nichols

Yesterday IGN shared their experience playing Warhammer Online and the mysterious Witch Hunter at the Tokyo Game Show.

WAR Witch Hunter@ IGN Tokyo Game Show Coverage

News - - Monday, September 17, 2007 Edit

WAR in the UK!

GOA will be bringing WAR to Games Day Birmingham.

This Sunday (23rd September), we will be at Gamesday UK in Birmingham. The Birmingham NEC plays host to the biggest and best Games Workshop show and you can come along and get a taste of WAR.

We’ll have twelve computers which will give you the chance to take part in the Gates of Ekrund RvR scenario, an exciting and fast paced battle where teamwork is vital to success. As well as that however you can also meet a very special guest from EA Mythic – Paul Barnett! Paul is the creative director for WAR and you will no doubt have seen him in the video podcasts as well as in many interviews. Meet him and the Goa team on the stand but hurry, tickets are in short supply. Please note that tickets are not sold on the day, you must purchase a ticket in advance from Games Workshop.

We’re excited to be at the premier Games Workshop event and we hope that you will come and join us there!

News - - Wednesday, September 14, 2007 Edit

Mark Jacobs Interview @ Ten Ton Hammer

James Nichols

Ten Ton Hammer recently sat down with Mark Jacobs at the Austin Game Developers Conference to discuss the finer points of WAR and the company behind it. Part 2 will be available Monday!

"The Man With The Plan" - Mark Jacobs' Interview @ Ten Ton Hammer

News - - Wednesday, September 12, 2007 Edit

Richard Duffek

Missy Hatch

Richard Duffek and EA Mythic parted ways as of this morning. We thank him for his contribution to the organization over the past years, and wish him the best in his future endeavors. James Nichols and Missy Hatch will be acting as general Community gurus for Warhammer Online for the time being.

News - - Wednesday, September 7, 2007 Edit

WAR Report - 9/07

Richard Duffek

It has been a busy week on the battlefield, but here's your weekly report:

And still more Leipzig coverage keeps coming in:

  • Games Workshop’s Jon Gillard sits takes a break from Games Convention to speak with about bringing a popular table top game to life as an MMO.

WAR Wins Game of the Show:

WAR went to Germany to debut the Elves at Games Convention and walked away with’s Game of the Show!

“Hourly stage shows with Jeff Hickman and Paul Barnett headlining, 40 plus stations to play a current build of the game and 4 more to sign up for beta, a beautifully set-up booth, and most exciting of all: 4 new classes from two newly revealed races. Suffice it to say that Warhammer Online was the complete experience at GC Leipzig.”

WAR also took home the award for Best Fantasy MMORPG.

EA Studio Showcase Coverage:

AGDC Coverage:

Guild Beta Contest Take 2:

Last week we started the Guild Website contest for the chance to win your guild a slot in the second phase of WAR Guild Beta. This week, we add another contest to the mix. Up for grabs once again is one of ten slots in the second phase of WAR's Guild Beta. This time it's all about the story. Tell us about your guild; it can be your history, what makes you great, a funny story or retelling of something that happened in a game, even a fan fiction centered around your guild in the WAR universe.

  • If you were already selected for phase 1 of Guild Beta, you may not win.
  • The top 10 entries, based on the votes cast by myself and James will receive a place on the phase 2 list.
  • Voting will be done by going through all entries and ranking our favorite 10, giving 10 points to #1 down to 1 point for #10. After that all points will be added, and the 10 highest totals will be declared the winners.
  • Spelling, grammar, punctuation and legibility will all be taken into account in the judging, so please use a spell-checker, get the best writer in the guild to submit it, etc.
  • One entry per guild please, so talk it out amongst yourself before sending something in.
  • NA based guilds only please. (This includes all regions not handled by GOA, such as Oz, NZ, Asia, CSA, Canada, etc.)
  • Same as with Phase 1 of Guild Beta, the number of slots the guilds receive in phase 2 will be determined by overall guild size.
  • Contest will end on Friday, September 14th at 5pm EST.
  • Winners will not be posted but will be contacted individually, same as the guilds for Phase 1, it will be up to them whether or not they want to announce their good fortune to the world.
  • Entries should be Emailed to war-community AT mythic DOT ea DOT com with the subject line: Guild Beta Writing Contest Entry

Random tidbits of Information:

  • If your submitted fan fiction or fan art was used in last month's Newsletter, as promised you will indeed get a guaranteed beta slot. We will be in contact with you soon to let you know you were indeed one of the lucky people chosen. As with any time we give out beta slots, all of the normal guidelines and restrictions still apply: you must be 18, you can't be press/media/etc, you can't work in the game industry, your system specs must be high enough to participate. If you won a slot, and don't meet these guidelines or restrictions, you don't forfeit your guaranteed slot in beta, you just won't be allowed in until the restrictions are raised which are blocking you, or in the case of computer specs, we get the game optimized to the point that you're capable of running it.
  • Last week we kicked off our Beta Incentive program. Participants in the WAR beta now have a weekly opportunity to win buddy keys which they can use to get their friends into beta with them. Every week we pull an insane amount of logs and stats and randomly pick a handful of categories to give the top person in each a buddy key. These categories could be anything from "Most Bug Reports Submitted" to "Most Quests Completed" to "Most Times Killed by Another Player". So if you have friends in beta, kick them a couple times to make sure they're doing their part.
  • No, Guild Beta Phase One hasn't started yet. No, you shouldn't have an association on the Beta Center for it yet. Don't worry though, we'll keep you informed when the time comes.

Beta Journal: The Continuation of Willhelm's Writings:

~An excerpt from the early writings of Bright Wizard Willhelm chronicling the events leading up to his illustrious career in service to the Empire. ~

iii Proem

Part 3

The Wind's Calling

It is known that the slightest chip removed from a shear cliff face causes the mightiest of avalanches. An event inclining toward the obvious, with the surest of outcomes, may be altered by the most trivial interference. Call it what you will, fate, the winds, or a mandate from whatever deity you choose, such was my troth the day I was called into service by Viktor Riese.

I refer to this turn of fortune as my plight, only with the greatest humility. For what I wanted and what I would become intertwined in a convoluted passage that finished quite agreeably.

There were three marauding brutes upon the road - shirtless, girded with leather and furs, all menacingly large. One most recently split my guardian's head, and two more – one to my left, one to my right, penned me in. Astonishment pervaded all parties involved.

From my scream, followed silence . . . and from silence, followed - laughter.

All three brutes fell into a concordant belly wrenching laugh.

They mistook my huddled form for cowering, which gave me time to search for the perfect weapon. I seized the occasion by clouting the fellow blocking my path, squarely in the face, with a sizable rock. Forward down he went onto the cobbled path, and off I sprinted toward the Gundred's home.

Just as I guessed, the Gundred's home was aflame. I ignored the giant marauder brutalizing an old gaffer outside the door. I ignored the sound of feet pounding down the road behind me. I ignored the wall of flames consuming the modest timbers that made up the Gundred's home. I broke through the remains of the door and ran madly to the back of the house, where set my pallet and the entire Gundred brood. The room, my pallet, and all my possessions were wrapped in ugly flames.

Again, I screamed. This time more from anger and fear for my possessions.

And then the predictable happened. The house collapsed. Then the unexpected happened. The burning rubble exploded. Unbeknownst to me, my pursuers had grown in number, all following me into the burning shelter. Later I discovered they all expired within the flames.

For me, I was thrown through the back wall and rendered unconscious. Somehow, the entire Gundred family and the gaffer were saved by the explosion – then after, made their way to safety. When I awoke, I did the same. I returned, solemnly, to the village plaza - for I had no where else to go - I found Viktor Riese, the gaffer, and the Gundred children in an animated conversation.

“-then, there he was, bursten' through the door! Fearless,” said the gaffer, waving his arms about. “Right behind him came a whole passel of them Norsca scum, then -”

“Then he called the Winds,” Adelheidus Gundred interrupted. She was the oldest Gundred child and apparently their spokesman in this interchange. “With a voice of thunder he called out. The walls blew away as dust and – and – there he is! There!” She fell to her knees, hands clasped together. Her siblings kneeling with her.

To my horror, I then realized they were talking about me.

I approached cautiously.

“Well done, Bright Wizard,” said Viktor Riese, smiling. “There will be more work for you soon. Soon, indeed.” He turned to the others, signaling to a couple of nearby footman. “Take them to safety, now!”

The men sprang into action, bustling the Gundreds and the gaffer away to safety. I never asked where and never saw them again. Odd how a mere chance encounter could have such an impact upon my future. Hapless hero of the Empire, I was inducted into the mighty ranks of Emperor Karl Franz 's army, and set onto the path of Bright Wizard.

Of my things, nestled away in the Gundred's home, they were all lost to flame. Except one precious item. An item of power and mystery I acquired from the Mad Hermit. Mysteriously, it had been stolen during the tussle and moved North by equally mysterious hands. It became a magnet for my desire - but that is a tale for another time.

News - - Tuesday, September 4, 2007 Edit


Closed Beta Test of EA Mythic’s Highly-Anticipated Massively Multiplayer Online Game Continues to Grow

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – September 4, 2007 - EA Mythic today announced that more than 400,000 players have signed up for the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (WAR) closed beta test, making it one of the most successful betas in massively multiplayer gaming history. Slated for release in early 2008, EA Mythic’s long-awaited MMORPG continues to attract legions of eager beta participants worldwide.

The overwhelming response solidifies WAR as one of the most anticipated PC titles of 2008. WAR's Beta Center is currently open and accepting applications at:

Based on Games Workshop’s epic tabletop fantasy war game, WAR features revolutionary Realm vs. Realm™ (RvR) game play and is scheduled for release on the PC in the first quarter of 2008. For more information, please visit

Games Workshop, Warhammer, Warhammer Online, Age of Reckoning, and all associated marks, names, races, race insignia, characters, vehicles, units, illustrations and images from the Warhammer world are either ®, TM and/or © Games Workshop Ltd 2000-2007. All rights reserved.

News - - Friday, August 31, 2007 Edit

The raid of Leipzig has been successful

Of unnatural love for swords, scanty clothing, and protesting feet.

We returned from Leipzig and spent our first quiet nights after the long days and even longer nights of the convention. The Games Convention is a huge success every year and this time it was even better! We had a booth of nearly 600m2 where fans could experience either an exciting RvR scenario or explore the game on dedicated PvE computers.

Trade and professional visitors got their first glimpse on Wednesday then, from Thursday to Sunday, the masses gathered around our stand. There were always new waves of people storming the island of Nordenwatch either to defend the Empire fortress or to despoil it. At other tables, players could create new characters to explore the starter zones of the Dwarfs, the Greenskins, the Empire or Chaos and to find out about game features such as the Tome of Knowledge or Public Quests. Some hard-core fans spent almost the entire time from Wednesday to Sunday either playing or queuing up for another go. How many different tactics for victory had you tried at the end and marked for future use?

In addition, every player received a lottery number and every hour two lucky ones were drawn for participating in the beta test. If you did not trust in sheer luck, you could also win one of the much sought after beta accounts in a daily contest against two rivals. These were all about proving who was the best explorer and could collect the most entries for the Tome of Knowledge in a given time. Of course, every appearance of Paul and Jeff created a party mood around the stage. At least twice a day, these two would present the high and dark elves to in a show that left both of them hoarse and covered in sweat.

Speaking of parties, on Saturday evening, we invited the community to a little get together in a local bar and over 140 people showed up. The night, in which the complete GOA team, many of the visitors from EA Mythic and even some of our hostesses took part, went on until three in the morning. It was the reason for many tired eyes on Sunday and an impressive example of the great community that Dark Age still enjoys and WAR already has.

We would like to thank all visitors. Hopefully, you had as much fun as we did. It was your enthusiasm that made the convention one of the best for us and we can hardly wait to see you all again next time!

News - - Thursday, August 30, 2007 Edit


First Novel in New Series Explores Depth of the Fantasy MMORPG Game World

Fairfax, VA, – August 30, 2007 – Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS) and BL Publishing, a division of Games Workshop, announced today that BL Publishing will release an original novel based on the highly anticipated MMORPG, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (WAR). The first book in the new series of novels set in the Age of Reckoning, EMPIRE IN CHAOS will be available in all major bookstores and on the BL Publishing website in early 2008.

In EMPIRE IN CHAOS, by noted Games Workshop author Anthony Reynolds, the lands of the Empire are being ravaged by a terrible plague. When Annaliese Jaeger's village is overrun and destroyed by mutants, she and an injured Elf captive are the only survivors. As the two unlikely companions fight their way towards Black Fire Pass, Annaliese discovers within herself powers of courage and faith that inspire all around her. With a grizzled Witch Hunter and a Dwarf Ironbreaker, the heroes battle alongside the armies of the Empire and the Dwarfs, above and below the earth, against greenskin tribes and the hordes of Chaos. Together, they must find their courage and help turn back the tides of darkness, lest all of the Empire be lost.

Mark Jacobs, VP and General Manager at EA Mythic commented, "We’re excited to be working with BL Publishing and Anthony Reynolds to bring our game to life and explore the rich depth of WAR’s epic story. BL Publishing has released many great novels set in Games Workshop’s Warhammer world and we are proud to have a book based on our game join the ranks of such notable works."

Anthony Reynolds, the author of the novel remarked, “The Warhammer world is a grim place, full of horror, violence and dark humor, and the EA Mythic team have really brought that to life - faithfully creating a living, breathing, bellicose world being torn apart by constant warfare. It's the perfect backdrop for a novel. I'd been following the progress of the game for some time and it was easy to see that Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning was going to be something special.”

For further information about the novel, EMPIRE IN CHAOS, visit

Based on Games Workshop’s epic tabletop fantasy war game, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning features revolutionary Realm vs. Realm™ (RvR) game play and is scheduled for release on the PC in the first quarter of 2008. More than 400,000 players have signed up for the closed beta test in Europe and North America, making it one of the most popular beta tests in massively multiplayer gaming history. The Beta Center is still open and accepting applications at:

News - - Monday, August 27, 2007 Edit

So you want to win a Beta slot?

Richard Duffek

Check out these great events hosted by Games Workshop for your chance to win: September 12th - 16th, Games Workshop will be raffling off 50 beta cards for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning! Every hour will be your chance to win, just show up and enter at the Games Workshop Hobby Center for the Hobby Festival located at:

Yorkridge Shopping Center
1810 York Road
Lutherville, Maryland 21093

There will be plenty of games, prizes, give-a-ways and entertainment, including a chance to play the yet to be released, Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse game, not officially due out until October! For hours and more information, please call (410) 252-7233.

Midnight October 12th - 14th, be sure to show up at the Games Workshop Battle Bunkers located in the cities of Baltimore, Chicago, Seattle, and Los Angeles for the release of the new Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse game. There will be games, prizes, and a chance to win 1 of the 100 beta cards for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning! Every hour will be your chance to win just for showing up. Be sure to participate in this weekend long extravaganza! Here's where you need to go:

Games Workshop Glen Burnie Battle Bunker
6711 Baymeadow Drive
Glen Burnie, MD.

Games Workshop Chicago Battle Bunker
1524 Butterfield Road
Downers Grove, IL.

Games Workshop Seattle Battle Bunker
3540 D 128th Avenue SE
Bellevue, WA.

Games Workshop LA Battle Bunker
6735 Westminster Blvd., Suite D
Westminster, CA.

News - - Wednesday, August 22, 2007 Edit

WAR Report - 8/23

Richard Duffek

Here's another weekly report from the front lines, enjoy!

GenCon Coverage:

  • Overall con impressions with a short WAR review.
  • The MMO-Gamer sits and talks to Jeremy Dale.
  • Uberguilds Radio has a Podcast about the tactical side of WAR.
  • GameSpy has a Hands-On Preview posted about their time with the game.
  • If you speak German, Buffed interviewed the German Community Manager Kai Schober.
  • Achas had a LOT to say about his time with the game over at Only-WAR.
  • The guild Stone and Steel, mighty Dwarfs all, attended and took tons of video.

Leipzig Coverage:

Tidbits and Questions Answered:

  • WAR Vault has Beta Keys to give away, go check out their Contest Page to see how you can win them!
  • More contests will be springing up around the NA fansites in the near future, watch them for your chance to win beta slots!
  • Guild Beta invites have still NOT gone out, JUST the notifications. If people in your guild have received beta invites, those invites were not part of the guild beta phase. They were just regular individual invites, please don't email me asking why some of the people on your list got their invites and others didn't.
  • Along those same lines, if your guild was lucky enough to get selected into the Guild Beta phase and you've already sent me your list, but a couple people have since been selected individually, you may feel free to send me replacements. I make no promises that I can get them switched out in time, other than I promise to try. :)
  • I hate even having to issue this warning, but I feel I must. I know some of you out there are super eager to get your hands on a beta key. And I know some of you might be trolling sites like RealPoor and MarkeeDragon looking for a good "deal" on one. Just be forwarned that we do monitor those sites looking for accounts for sale, and we do close those accounts down when we catch them. Please, for all that is holy, don't drop $500 on a beta account that is just going to get closed. Trust us, we're adding people as fast as we can and as soon as we can get you folks in we will! :)
  • Dont forget, we're at PAX this weekend, so if you're in the Seattle area, swing by for your chance to play the game some and possibly win a beta key!

Stay tuned to this space for more updates as tons of coverage comes out of PAX and Leipzig this weekend! And in parting I leave you with the following gem:

First up, new to the Herald, we have a Beta Journal entry. Most of you should recognize the concept from the recent newsletters. For those of you who don't, basically we've given the people in beta permission to write up in-character accounts of their time in beta and post them for our approval/use in the beta forums. So without further ado, I present you part one of Uruz's ongoing journal of Willhelm:

~An excerpt from the early writings of Bright Wizard Willhelm chronicling the events leading up to his illustrious career in service to the Empire.~

iii Proem
Part 1

An unfortunate turn
I stood, mouth agape, with little comprehension of what, I guessed, had just passed as a one sided interview. For my part, a bowel releasing jolt punctuated the only portion of the orator's speech that made any sense. Clenching back this confusion and discomfort, I focused all attention on his closing words.
“Now go, Bright Wizard, and use your skills to save these poor wretches from their destruction!”
“Err,” I said, thinking all the while, I am not a Bright Wizard.
Stepping back a pace caused the man to release his grip from my shoulders. He motioned to the south and gave me a curt tip of his head. I nodded, or at least thought I did something to indicate understanding - but of what, only Sigmar knew.
Two hours earlier, this man and his cohorts had not been in the village plaza. Engel Otwin and I were negotiating a price for my passage out of this burgh, while kicking back a few pints of a well-hidden home brew in the comfort of his small stable. Apparently the Missus didn't know of his distillering habits. He kept the fiery swill tucked away with the tools of his trade, which involved carting goods down to Marienburg and beyond. And it was the beyond part that interested me, greatly.
With little means afforded to me, I in no way had what was required in coin for respectable transport. Therefore, I resorted to this basic mode of travel: catching rides with cargo carriers and promising them the protection of a Reikland renowned Bright Wizard. Yes, as I stated earlier, I was in no way a Bright Wizard. Yes, I kept my hair larded up in the sunburst coif of the elite school. Yes, various berry juices worked quite nicely when painting false runic designs on my arms. And yes, I had some little skill in the calling of the Fiery Winds. But no, I was not a Bright Wizard. And at the time I felt it was no one's business, but my own, as to what I truly was.
Engel, after a few pints, was quite agreeable to me leaving with him in the morning. So, that being that, I departed from the stable and headed back to where I was lodging, south of the plaza, and that is when I encountered the shouting.
Most of what followed, the shuffling soldiers, the screaming villagers, and the unintelligible charge from a soldier, (I would later come to know as Viktor Riese.) all made little impact on my muddled senses. But as Viktor released his one sided charge upon me, another thought burst its way to the fore and shouted its clarion call into the cobwebbed corners of my cranium. Fool! It screamed. Your possessions are still with the Gundreds!
At this point I was quite aware that the Gundred's home, by all probability, was being burned to cinders – and therein was nestled my tenuous future.

News - - Wednesday, August 22, 2007 Edit

Community Fansite Rollcall! - UPDATED!

Richard Duffek

If you run a NA-Based fansite for WAR, drop us a line at war-community @ mythic DOT ea DOT com, we'd love to hear from you! Please only one representative per site needs to write in, so we'd prefer it to be the owner or head admin.


EDIT: 09:15am 8/22/7: I'm referring to actual Fansites here people, not guilds and guild sites. Sites like Warhammer Alliance, WAR-RvR, Only-WAR, WAR-Resource, WarCry, Stratics, etc. Thanks though!

News - - Monday, August 20, 2007 Edit

GOA brings WAR to Leipzig!

GOA will present WAR at the Games Convention in Leipzig from the 23rd to the 26th of August.

One of the most eagerly awaited events of the year! The Games Convention in Leipzig attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year and this year GOA will be present to demonstrate Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning!

A huge event requires a huge effort! An immense booth of nearly 600m² in area, dozens of staff to welcome you and many other things too numerous to list. We will finally be able to lift the veil of secrecy off the Elven classes too! Both High Elf and Dark Elf careers will be presented along with many other surprises over the five days, including the opportunity to win beta keys!

Additionally we will have the company of Paul Barnett and Jeff Hickman to share the news from the Old World with you. While the Elves will be the most eagerly awaited news, the other races haven’t been forgotten ! You will be able to take part in a full scenario to battle over an Imperial fortress. Play as the side of Order to defend your lands or join the tide of darkness as the forces of Destruction assault the mighty walls. Whatever your choice, you will have the chance to prove your valour.

Battles for control of an ancient fortress, presentation of the Elven classes and many other treats await you on the WAR stand so raise your banners high and grab your marching orders, the Old World will not wait any longer for you!

News - - Monday, August 20, 2007 Edit

Selling Beta Accounts

A warning to those who may be tempted to buy a beta account.

We’ve invited many thousands of beta testers already and, unfortunately, some of those individuals chose not to heed the NDA that they agreed to. In addition we’ve seen several opportunists pop up keen to make some money from the huge excitement surrounding the WAR beta. There have been many reports of beta accounts for sales on MMO trading forums, and online auction sites. We investigate them all and where we find an actual account for sale then that account is closed immediately. Most of the sales we investigate however aren’t real; they are simple scams to steal money from desperate fans. In some cases the account never existed and the scammer has faked the beta invite and in others the account was real but has already been closed even though the scammer is trying to claim that it is still available. Please do not allow yourselves to be taken advantage of in this way. There is a very high probability that any account for sale that you see does not actually exist, in the rare event that it does exist then it will almost certainly be closed without warning and you will have spent a lot of money for nothing. We are regularly sending out thousands of genuine beta invitations and you have a much higher chance of enjoying the beta legitimately than by chancing your luck with scammers and thieves on the internet.

News - - Thursday, August 16, 2007 Edit

Wanna Get Paid to Test WAR? - UPDATED!

Richard Duffek

Indeed you could, just read below!

EDIT: 7:00pm 8/16/7 - Changed to 5 days a week instead of 4!

Part Time QA Opportunities playing preBeta content

Here’s the run down:

The position is a 6 month contract at $10 an hour - 4 hours a day, Monday – Friday.

-Hours will most likely be in the evening, but have yet to be determined

Candidates must be local to our Fairfax, VA Studio, and available to start the 1st or 2nd week of September.

No experience required, you just have to love playing games!

-to apply: Visit - Select 'UNITED STATES' from the location options on the left, then 'FAIRFAX, VA'. Select Req #: 17511 and apply!

News - - Thursday, August 16, 2007 Edit

WAR Report

Richard Duffek

Just a quick update on the happenings around the web concerning WAR:

There are more articles popping up every day about the Fansite Event we hosted here in Fairfax:

  • Sanya from GuildCafe Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.
  • WAR Mystic's Write-Up (In German)
  • WAR-RvR has added more videos than I can count to their Roundup.
  • Don't forget to check WHA if you haven't for additions to their Roundup as well!
  • Along with this week's new SLM comic, Part 2 of his impressions of the trip is up as well.

If you were at the event and haven't sent me your links yet, please do and I'll add them to the list! Other random Interviews and such released lately:

  • VN's Interview with that Richard fella, oh, wait, that's me...
  • Look, WarCry interviewed me too: Part 6 of their ongoing series.
  • Ten Ton Hammer has 8 Exclusive New Screenshots!

And now some random bits of info and questions answered:

  • Don't worry about your Guild Leader selling off all of the guild's beta invites on ebay. When we issue the actual invites, the only one that will go directly to him will be his own, everyone else will receive their invite directly from us.
  • Make sure if you're one of the many people who have upgraded their computer in anticipation of WAR that you log into the Beta Center and upgrade your DxDiag file as well!
  • I still haven't heard back from all of the guilds I contacted for the Guild Beta phase... If you signed your guild up, check those spam folders and such! If you did receive your notification and just haven't gotten the requested info back to me yet... Why not?
  • Yes, more NA invites are going out today, check those inboxes and/or log into the Beta Center and check your status!
  • Don't forget, we're at GenCon this week and will be at PAX and the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany next week. If you're in the area, swing by and visit the WAR booth for your chance to get your paws on the game and win a beta slot!
  • As always, as I find more questions that need answering I'll pop back in here! :)

News - - Monday, August 13, 2007 Edit

A New Member Joins the WAAAGH!

Richard Duffek

I'd like to take this time to welcome James to the WAR Community team. James is joining the team as a Community Coordinator and will be helping out with all things WAR Community related. Look for him on a fansite near you soon!

News - - Thursday, August 9, 2007 Edit

Today is a Bad Day to be an F5 Key

All across Europe emails are arriving in the inboxes of guild leaders.

Finally the moment has arrived when we can notify the lucky guilds who have been selected to take part in the European Guild Beta! All through this morning emails were being sent informing the selected guilds how many of their members would be invited to take part in the beta test. If your guild was chosen then your guildleader or the person who signed you up for the beta will have all the details in their inboxes now. Please note that these are simply notifications of the guild being picked, the actual beta invites that will describe how to download the client and access the beta server will be sent to the individual members later on.

Congratulations to the lucky guilds and we’ll look forward to welcoming you in the Old World soon!

News - - Thursday, August 9, 2007 Edit

Beta Invite Reminder

Richard Duffek

Just wanted to drop a quick reminder here, with all the invites going out lately, you might want to check your spam folders. Or even better, you can just log in to the Beta Center to see if you've been accepted or not. I can't imagine a fate worse than to have been lucky enough to be one of the few to get picked so far and not know because your spam folder or ISP ate the invite emails.

Also, just another quick note, we changed the status message for your DXdiag file on the Beta Center to be less confusing. :)

News - - Thursday, August 9, 2007 Edit

Guild Beta Notifications Issued

Richard Duffek

Yes it is indeed true folks. They went out this afternoon, so let me take this time to answer some questions I've seen floating around:

I'll edit in more answers as I come across them. Gratz everyone who got in!

EDIT 1: 10:31am 8/9/07

  • These are just the notifications that the guild in question was selected, not an actual invite. Those will come a bit down the road still, we just wanted to give the lucky guilds a heads up and start gathering the required info from them.
  • The ones that went out this afternoon were NA only. GOA should be sending the EU ones out any time now as well, it'll just be offset due to the time difference.
  • Update to the above point: GOA's invites have now gone out.
  • If your guild was selected, yes you are allowed to tell people if you so wish, but we take no responsibility for the 'Can I join your guild?' spam you'll get from doing so.
  • There will be more phases, if your guild wasn't lucky enough to be picked this round, don't give up hope.
  • EDIT: 10:31am 8/9/07:
  • Please, please PLEASE don't email me to tell me how much better your guild is than XYZ Guild who got invited instead of you, it REALLY won't convince me to take away their invite and give it to you.
  • I know your guild has been around forever and a day... So have a lot of other guilds out there. We're not looking for JUST long-term hardcore guilds who have been together since the dawn of time. We're looking for a little bit of every play style and guild style. People who have been together forever, people who formed their guild JUST for WAR, etc.
  • Slots were issued to the guilds based on size. No guild got enough slots to even remotely cover the total number of members in their guild. This was done on purpose. Guilds who are highly active in the beta and are great testers will be awarded additional slots over the course of beta.
  • Split Guilds: The guild beta notifications that I sent out are for the NA servers. In order to participate in the beta on the NA servers you have to be registered on the NA Beta Center. Therefore theoretically the invites I sent out are restricted to people in NA unless they lied on their beta application, which would be bad... (Note: While we call them the NA servers, Oz/Nz/CSA/Asia/etc are all lumped into there as well for the time being.)
  • All invites have gone out. There shouldn't be much delay because I didn't use any mail server or anything, sent all of them out manually so there wouldn't be any issues. If you haven't received one, check with other people in your guild. If no one in your guild has gotten it, better luck in the next phase.

Again, I'll add more as they come in. Also considering posting the list of chosen guilds at some point in the near future just so the people who were chosen are sure to know, in case the invite is sitting in a spam folder somewhere or something.

News - - Wednesday, August 8, 2007 Edit

Community Sites Converge on EA Mythic; WAR Happens!

Richard Duffek

Last week, we invited a number of top US and European community sites to the EA Mythic studios to spend some quality time with WAR and its developers. The game was played, questions were answered, meat was eaten and a great time was had by all! Check out what they had to say about their trip to beautiful Fairfax, VA:

EDIT: 8/8/07 09:57: Added Only-WAR's Impressions Part 2 and Swanny's Write-up Part 1.

Guild Café:

Mondes Persistants:

Secret Life of Mobs:


Warhammer Vault:

JeuxOnline (Coming Soon) (Coming Soon)

Warhammer Mystics (Coming Soon)

Thanks again to everyone who came out, it was a pleasure having you in our offices and sharing WAR with you!

News - - Tuesday, August 7, 2007 Edit

Go Forth and Vote!

Richard Duffek

It's time for the annual Golden Joystick awards and WAR is up for a shot in the "One to Watch" category:

Go vote! Spread the word! Get others to vote!

News - - Friday, August 3, 2007 Edit

Beta competition!

GOA in association with Freddyshouse are pleased to announce a fantastic competition!

Fancy yourself as a creative type? Well our friends at Freddyshouse have put together a great competition to test your talents. There are three categories - an art category, a fiction category and a caption contest where the winners in each will receive beta invites and there are dozens of runners up prizes too!

For full details check out the Freddyshouse forums, hurry, the competition closes on the 15th August!

News - - Wednesday, August 1, 2007 Edit

Recent WAR Coverage

Richard Duffek

Boy has it ever been busy lately! Just check out all this great coverage to hit the web about WAR over the past week or so:

EDIT 8/1 9:46am: Added one more, from GameTrailers.

WAR-Resource Q&A:

WarCry Exclusive Interview #5:'s Games Day Chicago Coverage:

WAR-RvR's Games Day Chicago Coverage:

GameSpy's Comic Con Coverage:

ShackNews Comic Con Interview:

Curse Gaming's Games Day Chicago Coverage Video:

Caster University Q&A:'s Comic Con Coverage:

Enjoy! :)

News - - Tuesday, July 24, 2007 Edit

Heroes and Villains

Many have been called, not all are worthy.

Since last week, thousands of players across Europe have been taking part in the WAR beta. We’ve had a fantastic amount of feedback and many, many bugs have been reported, logged and squashed since then. However, some testers have already fallen by the wayside. In some cases they broke the NDA by posting screenshots or sharing their game experiences with others outside the beta program. We’ve even had a few cases of beta testers attempting to trade or sell their accounts! All of the accounts involved in such activity were immediately closed. If you are one of the fortunate few to be invited to the beta, please remember that the NDA is very strict and we will find out if you break it. Don’t waste your chance just for the sake of a few minutes of internet infamy.

News - - Tuesday, July 24, 2007 Edit

New WAR Videos over at Gamespot

Richard Duffek

Go check em out!

Video #5-

Video #6-

Video #7-

News - - Tuesday, July 24, 2007 Edit

And the Body Count Continues to Grow

Richard Duffek

Yesterday we removed several more people from the Beta for NDA violations. I've said it before and I'll say it again, however secure you THINK the location you're spilling your guts about Beta is, trust me, it isn't. There's always someone there who will turn you in for the slightest chance of getting into beta. And you know, from our point of view, that's a great thing. Our numbers stay the same, one out, one in.

So if you get into the Beta, please keep in mind, it's not only us that is out there scouring the web for NDA violations, it's everyone else who isn't in as well.

News - - Monday, July 23, 2007 Edit

Lots of Recent WAR Coverage

Richard Duffek

In case you've missed any of the recent WAR coverage from around the web, check it out here!

July 16, 2007
WAR Coverage “from” E3 2007
We didn’t go to E3 this year (we were busy working on the game!), but you’d never know if from the coverage we received from a pre-show event at EA’s LA studio!
Public Quests Preview
Video Interview
Hands-On Preview
Hands-On Preview
Hands-On Preview
Video Interview

July 13, 2007
First Coverage from ChinaJoy
WAR invaded China last week to give Asian gamers their first taste of RvR action. Check out the early coverage (here and here) from the pre-show press event. You are going to need a translator for this one!

July 9, 2007
WAR on the Net
Check out the latest WAR coverage, including a interview with Community Coordinator, Richard Duffek, a preview, and part one of an interview with Deputy Content Director, Mark Davis.

June 29, 2007
Games Day Baltimore Coverage
Lots of great coverage to share from Games Day Baltimore. Enjoy!
Interview with Senior Producer, Jeff Hickman, and Creative Director, Paul Barnett (Part One)
Interview with Senior Producer, Jeff Hickman, and Creative Director, Paul Barnett (Part Two)
Event Photo Gallery
Games Day Show Overview
Interview with Senior Producer, Jeff Hickman, and Creative Director, Paul Barnett (Part One)
Interview with Senior Producer, Jeff Hickman, and Creative Director, Paul Barnett (Part Two)
Hands-On Preview
Games Day Show Impressions
The Human Side of WAR
Hands-On Preview
Interview with Senior Producer, Jeff Hickman, and Creative Director, Paul Barnett

June 26, 2007
Games Day Atlanta Coverage
The guys at ventured down to Games Day Atlanta and posted extensive coverage of the event, including an interview with Designer, Adam Gershowitz, their “first impressions” of the game, and a ton of videos.

News - - Monday, July 23, 2007 Edit


More Than 300,000 Sign Up for Beta Test of EA's Highly-Anticipated Massively-Multiplayer Online Game

EA Mythic today announced that more than 300,000 players have signed up for the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (WAR) closed beta test. In little more than a month, EA Mythic's highly-anticipated Warhammer Online has amassed a growing army of willing participants in Europe and North America, making the beta one of the most popular in massively multiplayer gaming history.

Poised to be one of the biggest PC game releases of 2008, WAR is slated for official launch in early 2008. The Beta Center is still open and accepting applications at:

News - - Thursday, July 19, 2007 Edit

More Beta Invites!

Richard Duffek

Yes it's true! Another round of beta invites went out today, for all servers (NA and EU). It was another small batch, but check those inboxes! You can also log into the beta center and check your status there in case you're worried the invitation email might not have made it past your spam filter. We're still in the process of sending them out, so keep checking!

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