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News - - Tuesday, November 20, 2007 Edit

Shadows in the Mists!

The October newsletter has just been released and we now know the third High Elf class - the grim and deadly Shadow Warrior!

Last week saw the most recent newsletter reach the mailboxes of WAR fans around the world and one of the most eagerly anticipated items was the unveiling of a third High Elf career. Now the wait is over for those of you who want to play a ranged High Elf damage dealer – you will be able to take on the role of a Shadow Warrior.

These deadly archers have been waging a vicious war of lethal ambushes, murderous assassinations and lightning hit and run raids against their treacherous kin on the gloomy moors of Nagarythe. It is said amongst the High Elves that running afoul of one of these brutal warriors is almost as terrifying as crossing the path of a Dark Elf.

Watch the exclusive video introduction of the Shadow Warrior and stay tuned for more career information.

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