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News - - Tuesday, October 2, 2007 Edit

Battle At The Gates of Ekrund!

James Nichols

Last month the tables were turned as a setting unique to WAR was brought to life by Games Workshop. The Gates of Ekrund, one of our first RvR Scenarios, has been turned into a tabletop board, and we let loose two of WAR’s designers to do battle in front of this Dwarf stronghold!

Read an overview and a play-by-play report...

WAR Beta Invites @ Games Workshop Battle Bunkers!

That's right! October 13 & 14 you have a chance to get into the beta and see all of the rich history and fantastic models WAR is based on at a Games Workshop Battle Bunker near you. Enter the hourly WAR beta card raffles and while you wait, learn more about Warhammer, the miniatures game, by playing a demo and getting a free painting lesson!

Find a Battle Bunker near you!...

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