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News - - Monday, September 17, 2007 Edit

WAR in the UK!

GOA will be bringing WAR to Games Day Birmingham.

This Sunday (23rd September), we will be at Gamesday UK in Birmingham. The Birmingham NEC plays host to the biggest and best Games Workshop show and you can come along and get a taste of WAR.

We’ll have twelve computers which will give you the chance to take part in the Gates of Ekrund RvR scenario, an exciting and fast paced battle where teamwork is vital to success. As well as that however you can also meet a very special guest from EA Mythic – Paul Barnett! Paul is the creative director for WAR and you will no doubt have seen him in the video podcasts as well as in many interviews. Meet him and the Goa team on the stand but hurry, tickets are in short supply. Please note that tickets are not sold on the day, you must purchase a ticket in advance from Games Workshop.

We’re excited to be at the premier Games Workshop event and we hope that you will come and join us there!

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